Brand empowerment specialist API Group is set to launch its 2018/19 Trends Folio in the UK at Packaging Innovations Birmingham, revealing the upcoming creative packaging themes for the year ahead.

API has used its global network and specialist technical experts to identify key creative trends and showcase how an intelligent use of foils, laminates and holograms can empower brands to capitalise on market changes in the coming year.

An evolution of the 2017/18 Trends Folio, the second edition has been designed to encourage innovation at all stages of product development – making it a must-have tool for brand owners, designers and printers. 

This year’s four key trend drivers are: 

•    Neon Storm - taking inspiration from natural phenomena such as sunbursts

•    Diamond Luxe - encapsulating high-end luxury through diamond finishes and facets

•    Primary Matrix – capitalising on light manipulation through technical finishes

•    Ethereal - using API’s unique Holonique™ technology to create soft hues and lustres

David Peters, Creative Development Manager at API Group said: “In today’s competitive market, it is essential that brand managers create an on-shelf identity that resonates with their customers.

“This year’s Trends Folio empowers designers and brand owners to create an engaging brand experience and ensure their products consistently outshine the competition

“Packaging Innovations is the perfect place for us to share this insight and we hope it will help designers, printers and brand owners understand the role these trends can play in increasing brand impact in 2018 and beyond.”

API will also showcase its new and improved TA-Plus cold foil at Packaging Innovations Birmingham. This is the most advanced cold foil on the market, offering exceptionally fine detailing, the capability to cover large packaging surface areas, as well as outstanding over-printability. 

API’s Trends Folio and wider product range will be displayed at stand H44. David and the team will be on hand to present the 18/19 Trends and demonstrate the shelf appeal and brand empowerment that its packaging innovations have helped major global brands to achieve over the last twelve months.

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