UFlex, a multinational flexible packaging company, announced a range of sustainability, engineering, aesthetic, and anti-counterfeiting innovations in Q3 of FY19-20.

With the aim of promoting sustainability, UFlex Chemicals Business launched three new products for global markets that included:

FLEXSEAL Blister Coating - A Water-based PUD used as heat sealable paperboard overprint varnish for sealing PET or PVC blisters and fold-over packages.

Aqueous Narrow Web Inks - Inks that were specially created to replace solvent-based wide web flexo inks for high-end food packaging applications.

Aqueous water-resistant OPV - Superior scuff and water-resistant properties for deep-freeze and food wrap applications.

Additionally, in the hopes of adding value to the pharma industry, the Engineering business of UFlex developed a range of machines for pharma applications:

Rotoflex Stanmas 20 - A rotogravure printing press designed to print on aluminium foil. This machine can be used for printing multiple substrates and can print on aluminium foil of varying thickness as well as other substrates spread over members of the polymer family and paper.

Model Stick Pack 200 - A five-lane machine for packing powder, granules and paste at a speed of up to 250 sticks per minute. This machine can pack content in centre seal tubular-shaped sachets ranging in weight from 1gm to 20 gm and is best used for pharma products that can be consumed in a single dose.

Lastly, UFlex released a number of aesthetic enhancement and anti-counterfeit solutions for the labels and stationery industry:

De-Metalized Holographic Tape - A tape which is hot stamped on product labels and is made with 19-micron PET base film. 

Soft-touch lamination film for carton packaging - Available in PET as well as BOPP base films. In this, the film is induced with a special coating that gives a smooth and silky touch effect adding to the aesthetics of the product that it is applied to.

Dhoop Chaon - An offering from UFlex’s Holographic Business which enables hot stamping coatings on 12-micron PET base film to give special effects without holography.

Multi-colour Rainbow Stamping Foil - Augments aesthetic and shelf appeal of stationery products. Achieved by hot stamping on a 12-micron PET base film with multi-colour printed foils, the solution also serves as an anti-counterfeit tool.

Laser Embossed Cylinders - UFlex argues that getting hand embossing effects on table covers, curtains and wallpapers has been made possible with the launch of this new product.