In early January, Robatech launched Easyline – a new system that aims to help members of the packaging value chain apply glue in an energy-efficient way. In this ‘In Conversation With… we caught up with André Laubacher, Product Manager Small Units & Hot Melt Jetting Heads at Robatech, to learn more about this solution.


First things first – could you give us a brief overview of Easyline?

EasyLine is a new adhesive application system for simple hot melt applications such as trays, folding boxes, cardboard cups, ice cream paper cones or similar products. The system offers bead application with one or two application heads which is totally convenient for gluing those products.

EasyLine is made up of the small Easy melter that delivers up to 2.5 kg/h of thermoplastic adhesive, the Rio heated hose and Twist jetting head.

I wonder if you could go into some more detail on this new system’s key features and functionalities?

Yes, of course. Simple hot melt applications don’t need many functional options. That’s why we scaled down the melter to its basic functions: manual pump pressure control, temperature lowering and heating zone management for the melter, heated hose and application head.

Furthermore, we completely redesigned our filter concept. Users can now change the adhesive filter quickly on the heated hose as we have moved the filter from the application head into the hose. The advantage is maintenance convenience and speed-up: No removal, reinstallation or readjustment of the application head for filter maintenance. This is an extremely simplifying feature.

What I personally like most, is the unique installation flexibility of the Twist jetting head. It can be rotated around its own axis and adjusted in various positions in the holder. The application nozzle allows positioning in different angles too. Machine designers will like these features as they greatly ease the integration.


And what are the key advantages associated with Easyline? In your view, what makes it superior to existing models?

I wouldn’t state EasyLine is superior to other application systems we offer. It is just made for low adhesive consumption and simple bead application in Robatech quality. A small, handy equipment for ease in operation, maintenance, and quick installation via plug-and-play connections.

And it saves energy: compared to the Concept 5 melter and AX Diamond application head, which was the former choice, Easyline needs 40 % less energy.

How was this new system created – could you take us through the R&D process and tell us a bit more about how Robatech came up with the idea?

The Concept 5 melter was the smallest equipment we could offer. But the tank was too big for low-consumption applications. We wanted to save energy and make it even easier to handle simple gluing processes in all related aspects.

That’s how the EasyLine was born. The idea of simplicity took the lead and resulted in plug-and-play connections, the new filter location, flexible installation options, and a new sealing. Thus we trippled the service life of the Twist application head compared to its predecessor AX Diamond.

For interested parties who would like to take a closer look and learn more, will Robatech and Easyline be appearing at any shows or events in 2024?

Interested parties can discover EasyLine at different packaging and converting shows around the world. For example at Drupa Düsseldorf, PACK EXPO Chicago, PPMA Birmingham, FACHPACK Nürnberg, or ProPack Asia. More details can be found here: