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    A beginner’s guide to ultrasonic banding

    2023-02-01T08:38:00Z Sponsored by

    At a time of increased interest in resource-efficient, sustainable solutions to the packaging waste problem – could ultrasonic banding be a potential solution? Thomas Weber, Content Manager at ATS-Tanner Banding Systems, tells us more.

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    The future of flexible packaging: calling for a new level of ambition for circularity


     Flexible packaging protects products that are vital to society, which in turn presents challenges that we need to overcome. In this context, Marco Hilty, who joined Huhtamaki as President of Flexible Packaging in September 2021, reflects on the industry’s need to set more ambitious goals in driving circularity of flexible packaging—and shares why change might be possible faster than many people think.

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    Avery Dennison on viewing labels and packaging as one complete approach


    In this edition of our ‘In Conversation With…’ feature, Alena Maran, Avery Dennison’s Director of Marketing Strategy and Sustainability, LPM EMENA, gives us her views on how labels can play a significant role in unlocking packaging sustainability problems.

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    BOPET Films on the problems with household flexibles circularity


    In this edition of our ‘In Conversation With…’ feature, BOPET Films Europe’s chairman, Steven Davies, discusses the problems with circularity in household flexible packaging, the role that PET currently plays in these applications, and the future of these trends.

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    Wipak talks recyclability


    What is the importance of collaboration to packaging recyclability, what more can the value chain do to accelerate it, and what kinds of technical challenges must the industry overcome on this journey? We caught up with Susan Janssen, Sustainability and Sustainable Products Manager at Wipak, to find out more.

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    Huhtamaki Fiber Solutions - The Future Redesigned


    How people consume is undergoing rapid change. As consumer demands and regulatory requirements intensify, the packaging industry needs to find new ways to protect food safely in more sustainable ways. Eric Le Lay, President, Fiber and Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania at Huhtamaki believes that there is a game-changing technology that can facilitate this transformation: High precision technology to create smooth molded fiber packaging.

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    What does Holmen Iggesund’s ‘platinum’ sustainability rating mean in practice?

    2022-06-01T07:42:00Z Sponsored by Holmen Iggesund

    Paperboard specialist Holmen Iggesund was recently awarded a ‘platinum level’ sustainability rating by EcoVadis, a global sustainability rating agency. This certification puts them in the top 1% of all companies assessed by EcoVadis. But what does this award mean in practice? We spoke with Johan Granås, ...

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    A closer look at Amcor’s AmPrima® recycle-ready packaging range

    2022-06-01T07:40:00Z Sponsored by

    Amcor’s AmPrima® range of mono-material packaging solutions was designed with the aim of replacing hard-to-recycle, multi-material options, without any compromise on performance. To find out more about this family of solutions, we spoke with Trevor Davis, Marketing Director at Amcor.