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    How can banding drive packaging sustainability?

    2024-04-02T07:44:00Z Sponsored by

    Can banding serve as a viable alternative to traditionally resource-intensive labelling and bundling techniques, and in what ways is it more efficient than traditional options? Thomas Weber, content manager at ATS-Tanner, gives us his thoughts.

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    A closer look at KURZ’s new labelling innovation

    2024-04-02T07:24:00Z Sponsored by

    In February 2024, KURZ launched TTR NOVA - an innovative new solution that offers holographic thermal transfer ribbons that can enhance product labels with diffractive finishes and dynamic depth effects. We caught up with Ivo Kionka, CEO KURZ Typofol GmbH, to find out more.

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    Looking ahead to ACHEMA 2024 with IMA

    2024-03-04T09:11:00Z Sponsored by

    ACHEMA stands as a landmark event for the international process industries and their suppliers, and as one of the leading companies in that sector, IMA is set to have a major presence there. To learn more about what to expect from the show, which takes place from the 10th to 14th of June this year, we spoke with Thomas Fricke, IMA Pharma Commercial Director & IMA Safe Pharma & Cosmetic Sales and Marketing Director.

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    KHS on the importance of innovative PET bottle coatings

    2024-03-04T08:43:00Z Sponsored by

    In the evolving landscape of sustainable beverage packaging, the enhancement of PET bottles through the use of specialized coatings has emerged as a key focus. To learn more about these, Philipp Langhammer, Product Manager Barrier technology at KHS Group, tells us more.

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    Innovia’s take on a ‘bright future’ for flexible packaging

    2024-02-05T09:10:00Z Sponsored by

    In this edition of our ‘In Conversation With…’ feature, Innovia’s Simon Huber, Managing Director Innovia Films Europe, and Marika Knorr, Head of Sustainability and Communication, share their views on the flexible packaging revolution and what we should expect to see in the future – including more mono-materials, recyclability, efficiency, and more.

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    A closer look at Robatech’s mission to ‘make gluing simple’

    2024-02-01T08:26:00Z Sponsored by

    In early January, Robatech launched Easyline – a new system that aims to help members of the packaging value chain apply glue in an energy-efficient way. In this ‘In Conversation With… we caught up with André Laubacher, Product Manager Small Units & Hot Melt Jetting Heads at Robatech, to learn more about this solution.

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    Looking ahead to Paris Packaging Week 2024


    Following its successful show in January 2023, Paris Packaging Week is planning an exciting range of new features for its 2024 edition. The event brings together four shows dedicated to driving packaging innovation in specific related markets: ADF for the aerosol and dispensing market; PCD for the perfume, cosmetics and personal care market; PLD for the premium and luxury drinks sector; and Packaging Première for luxury products like fashion, accessories, confectionery, jewellery, fine food and more. We caught up with Josh Brooks, who is event director of Paris Packaging Week at the organiser Easyfairs, to find out more.

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    What to expect from the most important smart packaging event of the year


    In just a few weeks’ time, the AIPIA World Congress will be returning to the Beurs van Berlage in central Amsterdam. With a focus on smart packaging, visitors from across the value chain will have an unparalleled opportunity to meet each other and discuss the latest trends and innovations. Eef de Ferrante, managing director of AIPIA, lets us know more about what attendees can expect from the event.

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    What does sustainability mean to Mondi?


    How does Mondi, one of the world’s largest packaging producers which employs 22,000 people across 100 production sites in more than 30 countries, translate sustainability theory into practice? We caught up with Elisabeth Schwaiger, Head of Research and Development and IP Flexible Packaging at Mondi, to find out.

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    What next for H.B. Fuller after Beardow Adams acquisition?


    Earlier this year, H.B. Fuller announced that it had acquired Beardow Adams – an industrial adhesive manufacturer based in the UK. In this ‘In Conversation With…’ feature, Karina Borin, Global Marketing Manager for End of Line and Graphic Arts, Dietrich Crail, Senior Vice President of Global Rigid Packaging, and Stuart Jenkinson, VP Sales Health, Hygiene and Consumable Adhesives, let us know more about the thinking behind the acquisition – as well as its predicted results.

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    Why ink design matters in digital packaging print


    Our latest ‘In Conversation With…’ feature is an interview with Neil Cook, Business Development Manager at Fujifilm’s Ink Solutions Group – a supplier of inkjet ink solutions and pigment dispersion technologies. Neil tells us more about some of the important considerations to be made in ink design for inkjet printed packaging.

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    Elopak’s CEO on the future of paper-based packaging


    We recently got the opportunity to talk with Thomas Körmendi, the CEO of carton specialist Elopak, for the latest edition of our ‘In Conversation With…’ series. In a wide-ranging conversation, we discussed his views on the paper versus plastic debate, some of the biggest trends around this issue, and where the debate might ultimately end up.

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    Why must the packaging industry fully embrace data?


    In our latest ‘In Conversation With’ interview, Antares Vision Group Supply Chain Visibility Solutions (formerly rfxcel) Business Development Director Simon Jones and Senior Director of Digital Innovation John McPherson explain to our readers why data is the future for the packaging value chain.

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    DTS Europe on the central importance of monomaterials to packaging sustainability


    What is the importance of monomaterial solutions to recycling success, what are the key obstacles standing in the way of more widespread adoption, and what can we expect from the category in the coming years? In a recent conversation Teresa Vargas Matos, DTS Europe’s Marketing & Business Manager, let us know more.

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    A deeper exploration of self-adhesives


    Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives was formed following the merger of Ritrama, Arconvert, Manter and Acucote – creating a division that is specifically focused on the design and production of self-adhesive materials. We ask Fernando Giron, Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives Commercial Director, about the key drivers of innovation in the sector and take a look ahead to potential future developments in this edition of our ‘In Conversation With…’ feature.

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    A closer look at BW Packaging’s people-centric approach to packaging innovation

    2023-05-02T07:49:00Z Sponsored by

    What does it mean to take a people-centered approach to value creation in the packaging space, and what are the core benefits of using a system like this? Barry-Wehmiller’s VP of Innovation, John Koke, explains how BW Packaging views innovation as an opportunity to include customers in its culture of caring for people.

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    Exploring new energy concepts in the paper and fibre-based industry


    How are companies in the paper and fibre-based packaging sector powering their operations, what are the key drivers of innovation in the sector, and which emerging energy technologies should we be keeping an eye on? In this edition of ‘In Conversation With…’ we pose these questions to Professor Dr Helga Zollner-Croll, vice-chair of the ZELLCHEMING Association – an independent technical-scientifical platform for the pulp and paper industry.

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    Kuraray on LCAs, paper vs plastic, and collaborating with key brand owners


    In this installment of our ‘In Conversation With…’ feature, Heiko Mack, Director of Kuraray’s Poval Business, discusses how Kuraray approaches key sustainability questions: carbon emissions reduction, the role of coatings, and the paper vs plastic debate.

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    Unpacking the role of coatings and adhesives in sustainable packaging

    2023-04-21T10:17:00Z Sponsored by

    Despite making up a relatively small amount of a pack’s overall volume, coatings and adhesives can often play an outsized role in terms of sustainability. What are currently the key drivers of innovation in the sector? Elizabeth Staab, Rigid Packaging Global Sustainability Manager at H.B. Fuller, tells us more.

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    Discussing sustainability in flexible packaging with Wipak


    In the latest edition of our ‘In Conversation With…’ feature, we spoke with Wipak’s Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist, Josefina Pönkkä, to unpack their views on how the evolution of regulation and consumer sentiment is affecting the flexible packaging sector.