Yili Weikezi milk drink makes a quantum leap in milk packaging with a voiceprint of popular singer Han Lu printed on each milk package, according to a leading data and analytics company GlobalData.

The milk brand is distributed by Inner Mongolia Yili Industry Group in China. Yili Weikezi milk drink, packaged in 240ml aseptic drink boxes, is available in four flavours – coffee, strawberry, banana and chocolate. Each flavour has a different audio greeting.

Scanning the voiceprint with a special smartphone app not only plays an audio greeting from Han Lu, but also launches an augmented reality app featuring floating planets that consumers can play with and customise. Tapping on each planet plays the sound of the planet; users can record their own voiceprints, create their own planets using the AR and voiceprint technology, and share the results with their friends.

Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director for GlobalData, says: "Making product packaging 'come alive' with AR has tremendous potential for fast-moving consumer goods. We are just beginning to see FMCG companies explore the possibilities. Just before Halloween in 2017, the Australian wine brand 19 Crimes launched an app that used AR to make each wine label come alive; the prisoner pictured on each label would move their lips and talk when scanned with a smartphone.

“Yili Weikezi milk drink actually takes this concept a step further with a customisable app that allows younger consumers to create their own AR experience complete with a recording of their own voice. The brand has also strengthened its connection with popular singer Han Lu since his voiceprint is displayed on each package, closing the marketing loop in a brand new way."

Vierhile adds: "This innovation aligns well with strong consumer interest in interactive packaging. According to GlobalData's Q1 2017 consumer survey, 23% of global consumers say interactive packaging is exciting; the figure rises to 31% for Chinese consumers. An additional 40% of Chinese consumers say this type of packaging is nice to have, a good sign for Yili Weikezi milk drink."