Skinbottom Carton is the latest addition to the portfolio of Wipak’s bottom films for skin packaging. Manufactured from 90% paper content, Skinbottom Carton can be printed on both sides (flexo, continuous print) and is highly sustainable, containing 75% less plastic compared to standard skin bottom film.

Skinbottom Carton is available in reelstock and requires no pre-cutting. Its flat, highly stiff form allows for 360° product presentation, whilst slight thermoforming (<5mm) is also possible. Whether packaging meat, fish, cheese blocks or cold cuts, Skinbottom Carton is the perfect solution when paired with the highly transparent, glossy and efficient to process WINfresh skin films, which are available in a range of thicknesses from 75 to 150 µm.

The combination of Skinbottom Carton and WINfresh skin films can be used on all thermoforming machines. Depending on the packaging line, WINfresh Skin Films can be processed at temperatures up to 50° Celsius below the temperature required by existing alternative films, reducing energy costs and ensuring the products are treated more gently during the packaging process, and thanks to the unique transparency and glossy finish of Winfresh, the top film visibly enhances the appearance and perceived value of the packaged products at the POS.

After use carton and film of the Skinbottom can be separated for recycling in paper and plastic collections helping adherence to the EU Plastics Strategy.