Event Overview


In this webinar, experts from Antares Vision Group will demonstrate the strategic utilization of intelligent packaging data and how service providers (e.g., packaging materials suppliers and labellers) and brand owners can leverage that data to create value across the ecosystem.

By reviewing current market trends and sharing customer success stories, the presenters will show how actionable product data can drive excellence in today’s vital business areas, including sustainability, regulatory compliance, product safety, brand protection, and consumer loyalty.

The webinar will cover four aspects of intelligent packaging data:

1. How product data connects service providers, brands, and customers through an “ecosystem of value”

2. How service providers can use data as a tool for digital innovation to exceed their customers’ demands and be a better business partner

3. How brand owners, producers, and manufacturers can use data to optimize product integrity, brand value, operational efficiency, and marketing initiatives

4. How a scalable, interoperable software solution expands and improves the intelligent packaging ecosystem of value for all market actors

There will also be a special appearance by Antares Vision Group’s RURALL project, which is digitalizing, modernizing, and optimizing Italy’s entire agri-food sector. By enabling the use of granular data, RURALL’s creating supply chain transparency and sustainability, promoting safer food and helping to increase yields and improve land management.

The webinar will end with a quick poll and Q&A session where attendees can ask our team about intelligent packaging data and the ecosystem of value. 

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Learning Objectives


1. See how intelligent packaging data connects all market actors through an “ecosystem of value”.

  • Service providers (e.g., packaging materials suppliers and labellers) can offer customers digital innovations through intelligent packaging data.
  • Brands can gain customer loyalty, comply with regulations, (e.g., sustainability, circularity), and mitigate common risks (e.g., counterfeits, parallel trade).
  • Consumers can get the information (e.g., transparency, sustainability) and brand engagement (e.g., digital interactions) they demand.

2. See how service providers fit in the ecosystem of value and how they can use intelligent packaging data to create new business opportunities.

  • Intelligent packaging data makes service providers the vital link between brands and their customers.
  • By harnessing the potential of intelligent packaging data, service providers can become technology providers and offer digital innovation that can exceed their customers’ demands for:
    ○ Brand engagement  by enabling products to “broadcast” information and be a channel for 1-on-1 consumer engagement.
    ○ Protection  by digitally authenticating products to help mitigate brand risks such as counterfeits, diversion, and parallel trade.
    ○ Meeting consumer demands  for product information and transparency (e.g., sustainability, origin, safety).

3. See how brand owners, producers, and manufacturers fit in the ecosystem of value and how they can use intelligent packaging data to create new business opportunities.

  • Intelligent packaging data connects them to their partners and consumers with every product, offering:
    ○ Supply chain integrity: Sustainability, compliance,; fighting counterfeits, and grey/parallel markets.
    ○ Brand integrity: Customer loyalty/engagement, product quality/protection, sustainability, operational excellence.
    ○ Brand value: Unit-level data at scale to replicate successes across markets.
    ○ Operational efficiency and marketing: New possibilities through unit-level digitalization and data.

4. See what an intelligent packaging data solution must be able to do to create an ecosystem of value.

  • Be scalable  at the individual product level across the enterprise/global level.
  • Be interoperable  to ensure quick implementation and synergies with partners now and in the future.
  • Yield actionable  data  for better business intelligence (e.g., faster decision-making and risk mitigation)

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Meet Your Speakers


Simon Jones

Simon Jones

Business Development Director, Antares Vision Group/rfxcel

Simon Jones has more than 20 years of experience helping brand owners and manufacturers address supply chain business impacts and access value opportunities from traceability, transparency, and visibility. 

John McPherson

John McPherson

Senior Director of Digital Innovation, Antares Vision Group/rfxcel

John leads food and beverage initiatives for Antares Vision Group Supply Chain Visibility. He has more than a decade of experience working at the confluence of technology and sustainability, and global well-being, particularly through bringing visibility to global food supply chains. His work is primarily focused on digital supply chains, the circular economy, and triple bottom line strategies and the emerging tools that are driving change, including unique digital identities, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and AI.

Fabrizio Lavazza

Fabrizio Lavazza

Commercial Director, RURALL

Fabrizio Lavazza specializes in building sales networks in the food and beverage sector. Over his 20-year career in sales force and costumer management, he has developed extensive knowledge of the Italian and EU markets. Since November 2022, Fabrizio has been Director of Sales at IBF SERVICES SPA and AGRONICA SRL, two major Italian agri-tech companies. He also serves as Commercial Director on the RURALL project.


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