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The main goal of the webinar is to show how aluminium is functioning in a circular economy, showing all the steps along the way from sourcing the material to converting it into flexible packaging products and the special technologies behind recycling aluminium using the newest technologies.

To start off, aluminium in packaging, its benefits and characteristics will be introduced. Then AMAG – a global manufacturer of cast and rolled aluminium – will talk about their low carbon aluminium Al4ever and how this innovation contributes to a more sustainable economy.

After that Constantia Flexibles will discuss how converting the raw material into packaging products can be designed in a sustainable way and how the company’s different products contribute to saving material and boosting recyclability. Prezero Pyral – an important innovator in the aluminum recycling field – will then present their LIBS technology, how they pretreat aluminium and also their pyrolysis technology.

Lastly Constantia Flexibles will share their take on the future of aluminium and how they plan to reach given recyclability goals and contribute to a more sustainable aluminium market.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Aluminium’s characteristics and benefits for flexible packaging

  • Sustainable sourcing of aluminium

  • Packaging innovations to fit the circular economy

  • New technologies in recycling aluminium


Meet Your Speakers and Host





Stefan Lampe

Vice President Product Management

Stefan Lampe has been working at Constantia Flexibles for the last 18 years, he is now the vice president of product management.



Sergio Buttignoni

Head of Business Development

Sergio Buttignoni has been the head of business development at AMAG for almost 2 years. This company is a supplier of primary aluminium, premium cast and rolled aluminium products. Before Amag Sergio worked for Constellium for 6 years, which is also a company strongly connected to aluminium.




Andreas Reissner

Managing Director

Andreas Reissner is currently the managing director of Prezero Pyral, a company, which operates in sorting and recycling mainly aluminium.




Elisabeth Skoda

(Host) Editor - Packaging Europe

Coming from a background of translation and online news editing, Elisabeth has been with Packaging Europe since 2006, and in this time has developed a broad understanding of the packaging industry and an appreciation of the numerous innovations and developments that have come up over the years. As editor of Packaging Europe’s new magazine Touchpoints, she has a keen interest in packaging functionality and the consumer experience.


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