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Event Overview


The beverage industry is growing worldwide with opportunities driven by new drink formats and changing consumer preferences. The sector has a variety of containers to code across many material types, often at high speeds. An ever-tightening regulatory and compliance framework demands traceability and fiscal marking.

Manufacturers are keen to maximize productivity and profitability through a reduction in rework and better use of resources, including greater line integration and even fully automated ‘dark factories’.

Picking the right technology for each application is therefore vital to minimize production and marketplace headaches.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the different options – laser and continuous inkjet – for beverage coding
  • Find out about major applications Markem-Imaje can provide for beverage coding
  • Hear about principal success stories with different laser and CIJ printers
  • Explore service options and consumables to take into account when dealing with beverage solutions

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Meet your Speakers and Host


Alex Koudriashov
Product Manager Laser Solutions - Markem-Imaje

Alex Koudriashov is the laser product line manager at Markem-Imaje. Alex brings over 25 years of industrial automation and IT product marketing and management experience, including 4 years with Markem-Imaje and 20 years with Schneider Electric. Alex earned his MBA degree at Babson College, and earned his MSEE degree from Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

Pauline Mouillet
Product Manager CIJ Solutions - Markem-Imaje

Pauline Mouillet is the Specialty printers line manager at Markem-Imaje. With a strong chemistry background, Pauline brings over 10 years of industrial automation and IT product marketing and management experience. Pauline has a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the university of ITECH Lyon, highly specialized in the fields of polymers and their applications, particular plastics, textiles, composites and chemistry (covering paints, inks, adhesives and cosmetics).

Elisabeth Skoda (Host)
Editor - Packaging Europe

Coming from a background of translation and online news editing, Elisabeth has been with Packaging Europe since 2006, and in this time has developed a broad understanding of the packaging industry and an appreciation of the numerous innovations and developments that have come up over the years. As editor of Packaging Europe’s new magazine Touchpoints, she has a keen interest in packaging functionality and the consumer experience.