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Event Overview


Packaging can play a major role in making sure that sensitive products such as coffee reach the consumer in optimum condition. Today’s challenge is to not only keep the product well protected, but also to do so in a sustainable way.

In this webinar with ROVEMA, we will look at some of the specific challenges when it comes to packaging coffee in an efficient, sustainable way, and about the company’s lifecycle approach for existing machines and complete packaging lines as a turnkey solution.

ROVEMA’s experts will share their expertise and describe real-life market applications in three different countries and outline best practice alternative packaging solutions.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the challenges of packaging coffee effectively and sustainably
  • Discover ROVEMA’s Life Cycle approach for existing machines and turnkey offer
  • Explore real-life applications and examples
  • Find out about best practice alternative packaging solutions

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Meet your Speakers and Host


Michael Theiss
Sr. Vice President Machinery - ROVEMA
Michael Theiss has been active in the packaging industry for more than 10 years. His main area of expertise lies in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry where topics like serialization and tracking & tracing are key requirements, especially in combination with taiylor- made packaging solutions for individual customer needs. Mr. Theiss is also an expert in automation solutions and GMP/GAMP.

Uwe Maier
Sr. Vice President Life Cycle Services - ROVEMA
Uwe Maier has taken over the Lifecycle Services business unit in 2019. Prior to working at Rovema, he spent almost 20 years in a different industry, where he establishing standards for tailored services such as competitive spare parts pricing, contracted services and advanced service IT systems to best meet customer expectations. His main focus at Rovema is to expand sustainable solutions for the existing installed base and take the customer experience to the next level supported by professional consulting services.

James Lawrence
Business Development Manager Coffee - ROVEMA
James Lawrence has been working at Rovema for 20 years as a Project/Sales Engineer and Area Sales Manager responsible for sales in various geographical regions globally. His most recent role is Business Development Manager for the product market segment Coffee and Tea. His primary focus is strengthening the share in this market segment by meeting future equipment and application challenges on Rovema’s path forward in sustainability.

Graham Hughes
Managing Director ROVEMA UK
GRAHAM HUGHES is Managing Director of Rovema UK. The company has been involved in several high profile coffee installations over the past decade and is at the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions in this most demanding of industries. 16 years at Rovema and 30 years in the industry make Graham Hughes a highly experienced packaging professional with solid industry specific experience.

Elisabeth Skoda (Host)
Editor - Packaging Europe
Coming from a background of translation and online news editing, Elisabeth has been with Packaging Europe since 2006, and in this time has developed a broad understanding of the packaging industry and an appreciation of the numerous innovations and developments that have come up over the years. As editor of Packaging Europe’s new magazine Touchpoints, she has a keen interest in packaging functionality and the consumer experience.