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Sustainability has become a major consideration when shopping. 92% of consumers say sustainability is important when choosing a brand today. FMCG Companies and their packaging suppliers can take action and limit the use of plastics and harmful waste through sustainable packaging.

Many sustainable packaging trends exist today, however, which of these work best for the consumer? Utilizing our world class Neuro capabilities, we will take you through newly discovered data to understand consumers’ conscious and non-conscious reactions to alternative packaging including paper-based, reusable and material reduction to understand the potential upside and risks that FMCG Brands and packaging companies face when considering a more sustainable package.

Don’t miss the NielsenIQ Full View on Sustainable Packaging: From Government mandates affecting FMCG & Retailers, to analyzing shopper response and gaining valuable insights, we unpack it all.

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You’ll find out shopper insights on: 🛒

● How are they living sustainably?
● What are the sustainability claims growing across the store?
● How does the non-conscious response to sustainability affect consumer behavior on:
◦ The look and feel of sustainable materials 
◦ The claims on package


Meet Your Speakers




Andrea Fraboni

Vice President, BASES & Neuro Design Practice Area, Global Lead at NielsenIQ

Andrea Fraboni leads the BASES & Neuro Design Practice at NIQ; with a focus on packaging research. She is a dedicated packaging researcher, focusing on this important medium for the last 20 years. During her career, she has worked with clients across CPG, Health & Beauty, Durables, and Retail to help their brands succeed across the shopper journey. Andrea leads the development of improved packaging research specifically focusing on optimizing telling the full story across System 1 (Eye-Tracking and EEG) and System 2 Behavioral Surveys. Andrea has studied the changing landscape of sustainable packaging and its impact on shoppers for the past 15 years.



John Robinson

Global Sales Director Packaging at NielsenIQ

With 30+ years of sales experience in data, analytics, and packaging. John has consulted with CPG organizations, packaging manufacturers, and distributors helping to provide environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. John’s industry experience and knowledge of data utilization are now helping global packaging companies use consumer research information to track substrate and material trends for supply planning, growth, and innovation, to be more sustainable. John continually advises companies in the packaging industry on targeting and marketing plan optimization through NIQ’s Full View of consumer purchasing behavior. 


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