In this edition of the Spotlight, Mondi presents its FunctionalBarrier Paper range of medium, high, and very high-barrier packaging solutions in response to increasing demand for sustainability in various industrial sectors.

The need for sustainable packaging continues to rise - and rightly so. Increased environmental concerns and growing awareness of sustainable options are driving consumers to actively seek out more responsible packaging solutions and they are even willing to pay more for these products. As an industry, we need to stay on top of these consumer trends.

Mondi works on the principle of “paper when possible, plastic where useful” and the FunctionalBarrier Paper range is a perfect answer to this. The advantages of paper are clear when sourced responsibly - it comes from renewable resources and can be recycled in existing paper waste streams. The key is getting the paper to achieve the same barrier properties as other non-paper solutions, while keeping its sustainability benefits. A recent McKinsey report did note that consumers still rate hygiene, safety, and shelf life as most important when it comes to their purchase packaging. We, therefore, need to add barriers to unlock the true potential of paper.

All products are different. They are made of different materials and react differently to moisture, vapour, odour, and temperature. For this reason, customised packaging must be chosen to ensure that the contents are protected in the right way.

FunctionalBarrier Paper: The Answer to Sustainable Packaging Demands

Mondi’s FunctionalBarrier Paper range is the answer to the growing consumer demand for more sustainable packaging. By applying different barrier technologies to paper - such as extrusion coatings, aqueous coatings, and other very high barriers - Mondi has created a solution that is fit for a range of purposes. A medium barrier solution has been designed for industrial, e-commerce, and personal care packaging, offering high sealability and medium water vapour protection, while Mondi’s high barrier functional paper offers a medium oxygen and water vapour barrier, as well as a high grease and mineral oil barrier - perfect for frozen foods and chocolates. The very high barrier solution, for consumer food products such as coffee, cereals and confectionery, offers excellent product protection from water vapour and oxygen and ensures a long shelf life. In addition, all provide sturdy, protective packaging with strong printability that stands out well on the shelf.


Streamlining the integrated value chain

Mondi’s fully integrated value chain means that the company can produce the paper, add a barrier/function, and convert it in-house into the final packaging solution. In addition, Mondi engages with key stakeholders through long-standing relationships and partnerships to ensure that sourcing practices are responsible, production processes are efficient, environmental performance is improved, and the products produced are fit-for-purpose and contribute to a circular economy. The company’s approach is to develop packaging solutions that are sustainable by design while providing the necessary protection for the products they contain and are also recyclable in paper streams across Europe. Ongoing investment and research deliver on this and the Mondi Action Plan 2030 (MAP2030) commits to all its packaging solutions becoming reusable, recyclable, and compostable by 2025.

Collaboration drives innovation

Mondi’s research and development team works with product manufacturers and machine suppliers as needed to ensure that the transition from a previous packing and filling system is as smooth as possible. By addressing specific product requirements from the outset and carrying out testing and retesting, the best possible solution is developed for the product - every time. Working closely with customers - at every stage - is crucial, saving time and ensuring the right packaging solution is found.

This holistic approach means customers can have complete confidence in sustainable solutions like FunctionalBarrier Paper. Manufacturers can work towards their own sustainability goals and trust that Mondi’s unique market position and value chain means that solutions are truly tailored to their needs.

As the packaging industry moves towards more sustainable and circular alternatives, Mondi’s aim is to continue to develop new solutions that provide effective barriers to protect valuable products, creating new packaging solutions that meet the expectations of a changing marketplace, and providing the best possible packaging for the future.

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