UNITED CAPS, an international producer of innovative caps and closure solutions and a global industry reference for the design and production of high performance plastic caps and closures, has reported it held a grand opening celebration at its brand-new fully automated warehouse that increases its storage capacity by 30%, from 3,000 palettes to 4,500. 

“We opened our plant in Wiltz 25 years ago and have made significant investments in the operation each year,” says Benoît Henckes, CEO. “It is the largest UNITED CAPS plant and arguably one of the most productive and technologically advanced in Europe. The addition of this new fully automated warehouse facility is the latest masterpiece to complete the factory. It is designed to support our manufacture of more than nine billion high-performance closures and caps each and every year. Our special thanks go to the authorities of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg who have been unerring in their support for our efforts. This development, plus our plans to break ground on our first non-European site in Malaysia in 2018, are signs of our healthy growth and our dedication to our ‘Close to You’ strategy designed to strengthen ties with our key customers around the globe.”

Close to You: Customer AdvantagesIn addition to increasing storage by 30%, the new warehouse brings a number of customer advantages, including:Significantly improved logistical quality with quality inspections conducted during the entire storage and loading process. Industry-leading automated inspection processes have been implemented.100% First-In-First-Out automatic management of inventory ensures best quality products.The two aisles, each 50 x 10 meters with multiple levels featured products symmetrically in both aisles ensuring accurate delivery even should a breakdown be experienced.

Henckes adds, “The new warehouse also enables faster loading of trucks – we can now load 10 trucks per day. It also improves our environmental sustainability by eliminating the need to move product to an external warehouse and by virtue of the fact that its state-of-the-art energy management system results in very low power consumption. Open house attendees were able to see all of this first-hand, and I believe they were quite impressed!”

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy honoured the eventUNITED CAPS was especially pleased that the Honourable Etienne Schneider, Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy, Minister of Internal Security, and Minister of Defence took time from his busy schedule to speak at the event. “Minister Schneider has been particularly supportive of our efforts,” Henckes adds. “Although Wiltz is a relatively small city, it is projects such as this one from UNITED CAPS that validate the spirit of innovation that permeates the City. It is initiatives like this, and the support of Grand Duchy authorities, that make Wiltz an increasingly attractive destination for businesses of all types.”

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