ULMA Packaging UK has launched the new VTC 800-R continuous vertical wrapper to meet demand from dairy producers for resealable grated cheese packaging.

With supermarket trends showing an increase in resealable packaging, many organisations in the dairy industry are looking to integrate machinery that can efficiently produce this pack design into their production lines.

In response, ULMA has developed the VTC 800-R solution, which can apparently produce zipper packages at up to 60 packs per minute.

The company claims that its new model’s packaging speed is markedly faster than previous models, for which the production rate was limited to around 35 packages per minute with the resealable zipper application.

The new model also reportedly ensures the highest hygiene levels in all processes, with a special washdown design that offers protection level IP66 (ingress protection) to facilitate water evacuation.

Dave Berriman, technical sales support manager at ULMA Packaging UK, commented: “ULMA is always listening to industry – its pressing concerns and sector trends, and how this may impact what companies expect from their packaging machinery. It is with this mind that we have developed the VTC 800-R.

“This new machine’s innovative design means its rotated jaw can be applied lengthways, facilitating operation with the zipper. As a result, it is possible to further improve efficiency and production levels beyond that of previous models.”