Tri-Star Packaging has launched Tri-Green, a brand new generation of its ground-breaking stackable deli pots in four new sizes to give food-to-go retailers even more flexibility and stunning shelf presence with their takeaway offers.

Like its pioneering cousin, the Tri-Pot™, the new Tri-Green range is perfect for every type of foodservice business, from high-street coffee shops and delicatessens to larger convenience-food outlets selling salads, desserts and snacks. Tri-Green, however, is a bigger pot and comes in four family sizes with four different depths to make it ideal for almost every kind of filling and to ensure the irresistible ‘wow’ factor on the shelf.

This exclusive range of Tri-Green pots pushes style and versatility to new, unbeatable levels for all kinds of foods, from pasta and olives, to yoghurt and granola. A dedicated tight and reclosable lid is user-friendly and logistics efficient. Compact and simple shapes meanwhile maximise the shelf space, and modern minimalistic designs guarantee excellent merchandising value on the shelves. The four sizes have the one same-size lid to fit all lightweight pots, making them superbly convenient to both retailer and customer.

The retailer will value the easy-to-stack, ergonomically designed pots that promise hassle-free storing, ease of portion control and exceptional presentation on the shelf. Generous pot sizes offer plenty of room for labelling and branding, making Tri-Green the number one choice for retailers looking to increase sales and profits from repeat customer purchases.

Those customers will love the crystal clear, clean and curvaceous look of the pots.  Whilst the soft, comfy feel of the Tri-Green will give this grab-and-go purchase an even bigger punch on the shelf. Tri-Green is made from recycled PET (rPET) – great news for consumers who are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging. Available exclusively from Tri-Star, the four sizes of the Tri-Green are 8oz (240cc), 12oz (375cc), 16oz (550cc) and 24oz (750cc). 

Kevin Curran, Managing Director of Tri-Star, said: “Just like our award-winning Tri-Pot™ deli pot, the new Tri-Green fits the bill perfectly for today’s market and its soft curves fit snugly in the hand. It is environmentally-friendly, made in Britain from premium UK-sourced rPET (recycled and recyclable PET) and gives a low-carbon footprint. The high clarity of this rPET product range enables caterers to add more bite to their grab-and-go products. Its curved shape showcases pasta, salads, yoghurt and chopped fruit brilliantly, creating real impact on-shelf to make this impulse purchase an absolute must.”

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