Toyo Ink Europe N.V. and Toyo Ink Co., Ltd., both members of the Toyo Ink Group, have announced that they will showcase their latest innovations for the label and packaging market at their joint stand 11-D50 at Labelexpo Europe 2017 in Brussels, September 25 to 28. 

Building on the Group’s developmental concept of “Ethical Packaging Solutions,” the two companies will demonstrate their unique capabilities and commitment to delivering to brand owners and converters, best-in-class solutions that ensure food safety and quality, and reduce environmental impact and energy consumption.

As a pioneer of ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) curing innovation for the label and packaging markets, the Toyo Ink Group will showcase its full range of printing inks and low-migration technology, with a special focus on food packaging and LED-UV applications. Product highlights to include an upgraded lineup of UV flexo and UV offset inks, a new series of LED-UV offset inks for labels, pioneering EB flexo technology, digital solutions, and much more.

Label Solutions

In the area of low migration UV systems, Toyo Ink Europe will present its new generation of UV flexo inks, including bestsellers like Steraflex™ and Steraflex™ Food for self-adhesive label printing. These inks exhibit radically improved characteristics in terms of their fluidity and speed performance when compared to conventional systems out on the market.

LED continues to make significant strides in the printing market. In contributing to this trend, the Toyo Ink Europe will have on display its latest low-energy LED-UV flexo inks—LED Steraflex and LED Steraflex FOOD series—which have been specially designed to meet the demands of high-speed label printing. The company’s next generation line provides highly concentrated systems and is best suited to the needs of high-resolution anilox for optimal graphical output.

Making a strong push into the in-mold label (IML) market, Toyo Ink will also be introducing new low-migration LED-UV offset inks for paper packaging and label printing. These inks cure with very little lamp energy, making them ideal for handling IML applications without damage or shrinkage to the printed substrate.  A frontrunner in the development of UV offset inks and coatings, Toyo Ink Europe will also showcase a complete portfolio of UV offset inks. The new portfolio exhibits outstanding print and press performance, making it suited for most label and narrow web applications, and in-mold labeling. 

Other specialty label solutions from Toyo Ink include a new lineup of functional varnishes and specialty screen inks, when combined with its FLASH DRY™ FL Kaleido™ series of UV flexo inks, brings high visual appeal to brand packaging on store shelves.  Packaging SolutionsAt Labelexpo 2017, the Toyo Ink Group will present its latest development in migration-compliant solutions specially designed to help printers and packaging converters address the regulatory and printing performance demands of these rapidly growing markets.

Closely focused on the development of EB technology for packaging applications, Toyo Ink will spotlight its lineup of EB flexo inks, including the groundbreaking Elex-one™ series. A completely 100% solid system, the Elex-one is rapidly transforming energy curing in flexo printing with its genuine wet-on-wet system, which is suitable for reverse printing and lamination, high-gloss surface printing or for shrink sleeve purposes. Another highlight in Toyo Ink Europe’s ever-expanding EB portfolio is the Sterabeam™ EB offset inks for high-speed printing of food cartons and various kinds of flexible films. Compliant with Swiss Ordinance regulations, these inks demonstrate very low odor and extremely low migration properties, addressing the migration concerns that brand owners and converters face in food and beverage packaging production.Visitors to the Toyo Ink stand will also learn more about the Group’s expanding portfolio of low-energy LED UV flexo printing inks for food packaging applications. These inks have been specially designed for brands and converters looking for the highest of level of product safety as well as the eco-friendly, energy-saving and speedy turnaround advantages that LED offers.

At this year’s show Toyo Ink will also feature a lineup of water-based inks for the flexible packaging market. The company’s AQUA LIONA™ series was originally launched as one of the first eco-friendly water-based flexo inks delivering high-speed and high resolution results over a broad range of films. AQUA LIONA is particularly suitable for reverse printing (label and lamination) in applications such as food packaging including retort.  Digital Solutions 

For the broader packaging market, visitors to the stand will have an opportunity to see Toyo Ink’s upgraded line of digital solutions, including LIOJET™ inkjet inks for the expanding label and narrow web market. The company’s latest food-safe inkjet lineup includes UV-curable and water-based types, as digital progresses into new areas and markets.

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