Thimm has won the WorldStar Award, the highest award in the worldwide packaging sector. The jury awarded the accolade to a variable e-commerce packaging solution and to a gift packaging solution with added value from Thimm Group. The World Packaging Organisation only allows packaging that has already been successful at national level to enter the competition.

E-commerce packaging “Thimm ePack | protect”

The packaging is particularly suitable for the safe transportation of sensitive products such as high-grade electronics. As Horst Kühn, Innovation Manager at Thimm explains: “Products are protected dynamically against physical damage during transportation by multi-purpose corrugated cardboard padding. The packed products are fixed in place automatically via elastic bands. Standardised outer packaging combined with the multi-purpose padding can be used for products of different sizes and weights.”

This variable padding solution enables the packaging diversity to be streamlined to one standard, which in turn saves costs for packaging materials. Cavities in the multi-purpose padding can be used for accessories such as operating instructions or power supplies. Handling is further reduced by the automated fixing. The patented packaging was one of the winners of the German iF Design Award 2017, enabling it to qualify for the international competition. It won the WorldStar Award 2018 in the “Transit” category.

Gift packaging “Thimm Multipack | gift” for Ferdinand Brewery in the Czech Republic

Thimm developer Martin Zich developed a stackable gift packaging solution with added value for Ferdinand Brewery in the Czech Republic. The packaging contains six beer bottles and several promotional items including a Ferdinand Brewery beer mug, lighter and bottle opener. The central positioning of the beer mug enables the handle to be used to carry the gift packaging.

It was designed so the protruding handle is protected during transportation and storage. The external surfaces of the corrugated cardboard packaging for the six-pack were printed with attractive designs. As well as this brand communication opportunity, the pre-cut beer mats printed onto the side walls can also be removed from the packaging. The gift packaging qualified through the Czech packaging competition Obal roku 2017 and it won the WorldStar Award 2018 in the “Beverages” category.

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