Talkin’ Things®, a leading innovator in product communication platforms and Closure Systems International (CSI), have collaborated to integrate smart packaging technology into CSI’s global platform of closures. 

CSI and Talkin’ Things® have developed a new packaging solution named Talkin’ Cap, which uses embedded Near Field Communication (NFC) tags, for application on the inside of closures. This technology introduces a powerful platform to support a brand owner’s mobile marketing activities right from the package itself...with just a simple tap. 

Brand trustworthiness and product reliability are paramount for consumer loyalty. Talkin’ Caps ensure product safety and reduce brand owners’ liability by protecting against counterfeiting and “gray market” activities throughout the distribution stream. 

The Talkin’ Cap is embedded with 2-stage communication technology: pre- and post-retail. This solution protects brands against counterfeit and unauthorised refilling. The Talkin’ Things unique and patented "Proof of purchase” solution allows brands to reward the customer for their retail activities. As simple as opening the closure and confirming the purchase by tapping the cap with the smartphone using Apple experience. 

CSI’s Talkin’ Caps allow for real-time consumer interconnectivity at the point of consumption, giving brand owners the unique ability to have dynamic interaction and gather actionable insights based on consumer location and usage history. The Talkin’ Caps are an app-less way to drive marketing content, brand and product information, gamification, loyalty programs, awards and coupons to connected consumers. 

The Talkin’ Cap technology will be unveiled at this year’s Pack Expo, taking place October 14th – 17th, 2018 at McCormick’s Place in Chicago, IL. CSI in conjunction with Talkin’ Things® invites you to visit CSI’s booth S-2930 for interactive demonstrations taking place on Monday, October 15th (1pm/ 3pm-CT) or Tuesday, October 16th (9am/11am-CT).