Safe Load Testing Technologies' CEO Alberto Tellechea is up next to answer our Rapid Interview questions. 

Your elevator pitch: introduce and sell us your company in no more than 280 characters.

We are an expert in designing transport simulation equipment and delivering packaging engineering. We help our customers to be sustainable, increase safety on goods transport and reduce logistics costs. Our customers feel the innovation through the use of our technology.

Where are your company’s locations? Are there any specific challenges or advantages relating to your geographical location that you could tell us about?

Our headquarters are placed in Valencia (Spain) from where we serve the European and the American markets. We have distributors attending to the Asian, Middle Eastern and Oceanian markets. Our commitment is answering in less than 24 hours and arriving at our customers' site in less than 72 hours.

Tell us a surprising fact about the market you work in.

Most companies do not test their new packaging designs in order to check if they are acting as  an effective protective element along the distribution cycle. This is really surprising since this is an action that actually can protect the goods and save considerable logistics costs.

At Packaging Europe we like to watch trends and areas of innovation as they evolve. Can you tell us something we might not be aware of that is driving technology in your sphere?

Associations related to packaging performance are involved in developing new protocols for testing load horizontal stability, since governments are concerned about this issue. EUMOS is the world pioneer in this field and we have patented a new compact equipment to do these tests.

What would you say is the biggest common misconception that you encounter in your business?

In our business, the biggest obstacle is the belief that packaging testing equipment does not generate return of investment since they are not production machines. Nothing could be further from the truth, our customers have saved 23% of logistics costs with our equipment.

If the wider packaging industry could be transformed in some way, what kind of change would you like to see?

Protecting our planet, caring for the environment is the most worrying issue, therefore, the use of 100% compostable packaging materials is the great challenge that all of us must overcome.

…and how do you envisage your company changing the industry in the coming years?

We are committed to work on the democratisation of packaging testing in order to let companies, regardless of size, optimise their packaging designs being more sustainable and increasing goods transport safety. Companies should have the chance of testing their own designs easily.