As opposed to traditional glue sensors that look directly at the adhesive pattern, PackChek inspects the entire case, after the flaps are closed, to ensure correct hot melt placement, compression, and case integrity. It has been designed to catch three main types of defects: missing glue beads, weak glue beads, and out of position glue beads.

When one bead, or a combination of beads, does not meet a requirement (predetermined tolerance levels configured by the user), outputs can be configured to stop the machine, eject a case, or sound an alarm.

This real-time feedback makes it easier to identify and correct issues as soon as they arise, putting manufacturers in control of the quality of their product, before it has the chance to leave the doors.

PackChek logs and archives data in real-time, including defective images and past jobs, which can be recalled at a later time. This allows companies to gain insight into their processes and to identify problems or areas of improvement, making it an asset for larger company strategies to optimize packaging processes.

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