TEKLYNX International, a leading barcode and RFID labelling software developer and solutions provider, today announced its 2018 launch of LABEL MATRIX, LABELVIEW, CODESOFT, LABEL ARCHIVE, and SENTINEL. Featuring smart interactions designed to enhance the end user experience, the TEKLYNX 2018 barcode labelling software solutions are built to improve labelling efficiency, accuracy and automation for manufacturers of all sizes.

According to a recent TEKLYNX survey, an overwhelming percentage of barcode labelling software end users indicated an opportunity to improve labelling efficiency, accuracy and automation. 45 per cent of end users do not have a standardised labelling environment. 60 per cent of end users said they have manual steps in their label printing process that could be eliminated with the use of labelling print automation, and 70 per cent of end users spend more than 30 seconds generating a single print request.

“Today’s manufacturing environment demands reliability, stability and ease-of-use as companies of all sizes look to succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace,” states TEKLYNX General Manager Doug Niemeyer. “It’s the driving force behind TEKLYNX’ 2018 product launch as we introduce our most-intuitive, feature-rich barcode labelling solutions to date to better support our customers’ growing demands.”

The TEKLYNX 2018 barcode labelling software solutions offer compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. Some additional highlights by product offering include:


Updated GS1 barcode creation wizard with added search function, enabling continued GS1 compliance

Platform foundation has been completely updated to help companies label smarter, print faster and operate more efficiently

Brand new user interface that’s easier to understand and use

Enhanced formula creation tool makes writing formulas easier and faster than ever before

Native drivers added and updated for easy install and a continued seamless “What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) printing experience (also available in LABEL MATRIX 2018)

Smart interactions make enhanced variables easier to see and use

Print colors can now be defined in CMYK format to support more accurate color printing


User interface features increased flexibility to better support organization-level needs

Users can now set priority levels for print requests

Users can now specify a unique label directory for each watch making it easier to serve a decentralized business from a centralized location

Interface and documentation is now available in Spanish

In addition to feature-rich end user driven enhancements, TEKLYNX’ 2018 product launch is historic because several of its product platforms have been completely updated, paving the way for future innovations in barcode labelling. “Our approach to product development and innovation is both thoughtful and pragmatic,” comments TEKLYNX Vice President Alex Guderzo. “We’ve invested heavily in product development resulting in barcode labelling solutions that will not only benefit end users today, but well into the future.”

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