A new plastics and recycling survey by polling company D-CYFOR reveals that the majority (74%) of the UK general public say they support the bottle and can return deposit scheme proposed by the government. 

The scheme would see an extra cost of between 8p and 22p being added to the purchase price of the drink. This additional charge would be refunded to the customer when they recycled their bottle/can. The scheme is expected to cover single-use glass and plastic bottles, as well as steel and aluminium cans.15% say that they do not support the scheme and 11% say they don’t know.

The survey also looks at how the general public think UK waste should be processed and recycled.  It reveals that 65% would support the government banning all exports of UK waste to countries where it has no control over how the waste is processed/level it is recycled and instead give UK recycling companies priority even if doing so is more expensive. 14% say they would not support a government ban and 21% say they don’t know.

When it comes to litter in the street 69% say that current recycling infrastructure in the UK, from enough bins to collection and recycling facilities, is not sufficiently developed enough to cater for the amount of packaging we use while eating and drinking on the move. 20% say the current recycling infrastructure is sufficiently developed and 11% say they don’t know.

The survey also reveals what people do with their used empty plastic bottles when they are outside of the home. Of those that use plastic bottles outside of the home, 42% say they are likely to keep their bottle and reuse it, 32% say they will go out of their way to find a recycle bin and 26% say they will just throw it in the nearest bin. 

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