Superfos, a Berry Global company, has developed a pack that is made from individual layers of plastic and cardboard which are easy to separate post-use for the new MakeGusto range of Italian ready meals.

SuperLight uses a combination of plastic and cardboard to provide a solution for products where boiling water is added to the ingredients to create each meal.

The inner part of the packaging is made of a type of plastic that withstands the heat, while the cardboard on the outside of the cup makes it comfortable to hold, even when the contents are extremely hot. In addition, the company says that the individual layers are “very easy” to separate afterwards for recycling purposes.

Francesco Loconte, product development manager at Antaar&S, the producer of the MakeGusto range, explains: “We want to bring the taste and tradition of Italy to countries outside Europe – and make it extremely easy for the end-user to prepare our rice or pasta meals. The SuperLight cup from Superfos perfectly supports our ambition.”

The MakeGusto range comprises five varieties, such as Pasta Alfredo, all sold in a 400ml SuperLight cup. There is no lid on the pack; a plastic film protects the contents before use.

“The SuperLight cup allows a fast and smooth process on our filling line. It is also an advantage at the end of the line where we check each product by x-ray and a metal detector,” adds Loconte. “As the SuperLight packaging is simply plastic and cardboard and contains no aluminium, it makes our quality control very easy to carry out.”