PAPERplus® Grass, Storopack’s new type of paper, increases the focus on sustainability. The paper consists of 50 percent grass, which is a renewable raw material and requires less water and energy during production than conventional varieties.

PAPERplus® Grass boasts the same outstanding packaging characteristics as other Storopack paper types and is ideal for filling voids and packaging shipping goods weighing between five and 50 kilograms. Padding made from PAPERplus® Grass can be produced directly at the packing station with the PAPERplus® Classic and Classic² paper cushion systems. 

Focus on Sustainability “Sustainability is very important to us when it comes to product development. We’re therefore delighted to have PAPERplus® Grass in our portfolio, a paper that underlines this issue in several ways and allows us to conserve resources and embrace a regional approach,” says Product Manager Paul Deis. The grass in PAPERplus® Grass comes from the Swabian Jura, the area surrounding the paper factories in Metzingen and Lenningen, and is dried on-site before being processed into packaging material. Grass grows back faster than wood and requires fewer resources during processing: when producing the paper, each metric ton of grass fibers requires only a fraction of the total water needed for the same amount of wood fibers, as well as less energy. When it comes to manufacturing PAPERplus® Grass, Storopack also forgoes the use of process chemicals. PAPERplus® Grass is available around the world and comes in rolls with 280 meters of paper and a width of 600 millimeters.