According to an industry spokesperson, the printing market for packaging is expected to reach over USD 575 billion by 2020.

One of the largest growth areas is digital printing of packaging driven by factors such as customisation, consumer engagement and increased marketing activities.

How can the average commercial printer get a slice of the action without a huge amount of capital and cash investment? Intec will launch solutions at Labelexpo Europe and The Print Show, UK that fit the bill perfectly.

Printing on to heavy card has been the realm of traditional litho printing but it also has the downside of being uneconomical for short runs; enter the Intec ColorSplash range. Taking sheets of card up to 330mm x 1,321mm and up to 450gsm/micron printing short run packaging become a reality and for little investment. This is where Intec’s unique proposition has always been – offering solutions to print onto heavy media.

High quality printed sheets then need to be turned into ‘products’ for customers. With the new Intec FB600, users can get cutting and shaping. Within seconds flat sheets are cut and creased to become packaging, boxes, point of sale and virtually any shape. 

SRA3 sheets of uncut label material can be turned into beautiful bespoke kiss cut labels in less than 30 seconds. That’s just one of the applications offered by the Intec ColorCut CC500, a versatile and simple to use cutter with a wealth of functionality. If you want to cut card up to 350gsm just change the blade and off you go. Kitted out with a vacuum feed and air blowers to combat static and a robust feed mechanism the ColorCut is truly for the production market.

Gold, silver or holographic embellishments can also be added to labels and packaging with the new ColorFlare700 desktop flaring system.

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