In this week's Innovation Spotlight, join Sowinpak as they talk us through their rigorously researched sustainable packaging solutions.

With growing awareness of environmental protection and the ongoing deterioration of the environment, it is now or never to do something meaningful for the world. Sowinpak is dedicated to developing innovative sustainable paper food packages for customers from different areas, including the food, supermarket, and catering industries, as well as wider communities. In light of “plastic bans” coming into law in many European countries, such as the UK and France, Sowinpak has always been at the forefront of developing paper packages and reducing or eliminating the use of plastic.

Founded in 2008 and with fast growth in the past decade, Sowinpak moved to a new production site with 24 hectares of building area in May 2020. Specialized in manufacturing hundreds of types of food packages - coffee cups, salad bowls, soup containers, ice cream package, food boxes, corrugated boxes, food trays - Sowinpak is still expanding its production line for new products. With technical support from a professional R&D team, Sowinpak supplies customers with innovative product concepts and tailored food packaging solutions. From the very beginning, Sowinpak has always placed the utmost importance on quality - we have very strict quality standards in every production process and will not let a single unqualified product go out.

In the last few years, Sowinpak has developed various innovative, environmentally-friendly packaging products. One of the most outstanding examples of this is the “Ecoloop” series, which is made of a plastic-free coating paper material. Sowinpak has researched and tested hundreds of “plastic-free” coating materials and chose the best one to use for “Ecoloop”. In this series, there are coffee cups (single/double/triple), paper lids for drinking cups, paper cutlery, and paper straws.


This newly developed “plastic-free” material is certificated as industrial/home compostable, recyclable, and microwavable. “Ecoloop” series products give users the best option in terms of “eating in a healthy and green way”. At present, “Ecoloop” is applied in drinking cups with accessories, but in the near future, Sowinpak will make it apply to most food packages. Sowinpak’s technicians never give up on developing and making better innovative packages.

“Ecoloop” has overturned the traditional plastic package and brought the idea of “start from Nature, back to Nature” to the food package industry. It is a kind of food-safe aqueous dispersion coating that can be recycled or composted after use. In this way, it enables the closed-loop.

Under the influence of COVID-19, the demand for takeaway food and takeaway packaging has recently soared. Sowinpak have upgraded their packaging in terms of material and design, to make it stand out from the crowd. By using a PP/CPET coating material, which is microwavable and ovenable, the packaging maintains the original taste and flavor at any time. Regarding design, the multi-compartment food tray/box enables you to enjoy different food at the same time. Not to mention, all the paper packaging manufactured by Sowinpak is either recyclable or compostable.

Aside from “Innovation”, “Concentration” is another keyword for Sowinpak. They have always sought to contribute to a healthier environment. Join them, to make a better world!

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