SodaStream has announced the UK launch of My Only Bottle, the brand’s latest reusable bottle to combat single-use plastic.

The launch of My Only Bottle is SodaStream’s latest initiative to boost its environmental credentials, with each bottle kit containing the brand’s first UV resistant, dishwasher-friendly reusable bottle, a jute bag and metal straw. On average, SodaStream says its machine can save households up to 1282 plastic bottles per year – and the My Only Bottle kit is seen as an extension of this potential environmental saving.

SodaStream says this product stands out because it can hold carbonated drinks and be used for the carbonation process, too. “It’s worth mentioning that the majority of reusable bottles can’t technically hold these drinks. There’s a best-before date as to how long it can be used to create carbonated water, although it’s infinitely reusable for still water.”

Unlike other SodaStream bottles, My Only Bottle is dishwasher safe. It is also UV resistant, so can be exposed to sunlight unlike previous bottles in the range.

According to the company: “SodaStream has worldwide plans for the My Only Bottle kit, which includes its European market and beyond (we currently trade in 45 countries).”