Smurfit Kappa has launched a portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions for bundling canned and bottled beverages. Their new corrugated range seeks to eliminate the need for single-use plastic and is 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable.

The Smurfit Kappa GreenClip product is an alternative for the plastic rings which are commonly used to group six-packs of cans. In an age where many drinks providers are keen to switch to environmentally friendly alternatives, the GreenClip uses a corrugated device to bundle the cans, although the product can also easily facilitate the sale of single units.

Smurfit Kappa invented the TopClip to replace the stretch film that is used to bundle and sell cans in one pack. The company says that TopClip fully covers the top of the cans, protecting them from contamination and providing “excellent branding opportunities”.

With a reported 30% lower carbon footprint than the plastic version, the TopClip is completely plastic-free and 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Further, as it is made from less material and does not require glue, the company argues that it is significantly more sustainable than other recently launched packaging solutions on the market.

The product has two die-cut holes so it can be handled easily in-store and purportedly received excellent feedback in consumer tests. Smurfit Kappa is currently working with several large automation suppliers to develop a full turnkey solution for interested customers.

The final product in the trio is the Nor-Grip, which Smurfit Kappa launched earlier this year. The Nor-Grip is a corrugated solution that securely bundles bottles together into consumer units, eliminating the need for shrink film.

Speaking about the portfolio, Arco Berkenbosch, Vice President of Innovation & Development at Smurfit Kappa, said: “I am very excited about these unique solutions. All our tests have shown that in terms of convenience and sustainability they are at the top of the market.

“Single-use plastics can have a devastating impact on the environment and designing even more sustainable packaging alternatives is a cornerstone of our Better Planet Packaging initiative. We know from our research that 75% of consumers have a preference for sustainable packaging.”

All three innovative products were showcased at Smurfit Kappa’s first-ever Better Planet Packaging Day which took place across its global network of Experience Centres on 21st November. A series of events were held across 20 countries featuring the unveiling of new products, interactive customer workshops and guest speakers.