August Faller Group is set to showcase its smart packaging solutions for the healthcare and pharma industry at CPhI 2017.

The pharma packaging and label specialist will be informing visitors about the possible uses of intelligent and active packaging solutions which support patient compliance and improve communication between patient, doctor and pharmacist.

The packaging of the future is smart packaging, whose key feature is that it "thinks for itself". By using integrated technologies, such as NFC chips, LEDs and screens, these packaging solutions offer valuable additional functions which benefit consumers, manufacturers, doctors and clinics alike. August Faller recognised the potential of smart packaging early on and its development of innovative packaging solutions for the e-health market is based on years of experience and the use of the latest technologies. The company has already integrated NFC chips in outer packaging, which make additional and personalised information available via smartphone.

Secure temperature monitoring for transport and storageThe latest solutions on offer include the TT Sensor Plus™ 2 temperature logger. This monitoring label, marketed by Faller in partnership with Avery Dennison in Germany, ensures optimal transport protection and helps doctors and pharmacists safely store temperature-sensitive pharma products such as vaccines. The smart label can safely and seamlessly monitor drugs for three years based on up to 150,000 temperature measurements. An app can be used to retrieve the relevant data at any time. At the press of a button, an LED display on the label shows whether the cold chain has been maintained and whether the product is still fit for use.

Three prototypes at the exhibition stand will also give visitors an insight into the pharma specialist‘s future smart packaging solutions. Faller will be presenting a packaging solution with integrated measurement of the drug content level, which displays the measurement result on a screen. Two further innovations on display will help patients take their drugs – by using an electronic counting device or via radio technology.

The ongoing development of product innovations is one of August Faller Group’s strengths and has already won it many well-known awards. Faller is therefore delighted to be presenting its new development, the ELISA kit box, as part of the special "Innovation Gallery" exhibition at this year’s CPhI. Through variable packaging applications, the compact kit box provides secure product protection for all the components required for various ELISA tests (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay).

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