Servicepoint will implement a serialization system to three production lines at the Tampere, Finland, manufacturing unit of the leading Northern European ophthalmic drug manufacturer Santen Pharmaceutical.

Santen has specialized on medicines for treatment of glaucoma and other eye diseases.  The European Union Commission has adopted a delegated act on Oct 2, 2015 to fight falsified medicines by making serialization and tamper-evident packages compulsory for all prescription medicine packages within the European Union by February 2019.

Other markets, such as USA, Russia, and China, to name a few, are implementing or have implemented similar legislations. In the EU market this means thousands of packaging lines to be upgraded.  The responsibility of the project lies with Servicepoint. The system will be shipped and installed during Summer of 2018. The implementation will include serialization software provided by Systech International, and machinery by Inno4Life, both partners of Servicepoint. The monetary value of the order will not be disclosed to public.   

Servicepoint is one of the few European enterprises able to provide a complete, integrated, serialization solution to pharmaceutical packaging lines, including consulting, design, build, installation, testing, and maintenance. Servicepoint has already implemented fourteen serialization projects around Europe and Russia and is also working on others at the moment. 

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