The redesigned filler-capper is being rolled-out in Europe, Middle East and Africa offering Serac’s customers improved level of quality, hygiene and flexibility at controlled costs.

The redesign of Serac’s best-selling filler capper aimed at providing improved performance while reducing the total cost of ownership for the end-user. Improvements include faster manufacturing and on-site installation, increased compactness for a higher productivity per square meter, as well as easier operating, cleaning, changeovers and maintenance for a higher OEE.

The machine still uses the weight-filling technology, known for its precision, reliability and cleanliness. Dosing cleanliness is further improved by using an analog probe which ensures real-time monitoring and filling of the tank in order to optimise the gravity flow.

In terms of hygiene, improvement comes from a single low point, new gutters, an automatic positioning of the washing manifold and tank protection against dust. All these new features contribute to a much easier cleaning.

The machine is fully equipped with brushless drives (timing screws, turret engines, capping screw and capping up/down) to increase versatility and accuracy. The dosing axis benefits from a motorised up/down of the filling turret as well as from a flexible product supply pipe and thus easily adapts to any bottle height.

Many options are available such as, for example, a pressurised tank, an automatic dry CIP system or a high-speed capper for pump bottles. All these options can be added at any time to scale up the packaging possibilities of the machine.

The independently driven timing screws and turret engines make the machine easier to block with unscramblers, blowers or labelers featuring different pitches. The core machine is designed to avoid or significantly reduce the use of conveyors, hence leading to a smaller footprint.

Block units are particularly suitable for unstable bottles and top down shapes normally handled with pucks or sticking PET bottles.

Serac is now considering standardising this new design.