The World Packaging Organisation has recognised Sealed Air across five countries for its innovative solutions in the packaging and food categories. Organised by the World Packaging Organisation, the WorldStar Competition recognises advanced packaging design and technology and is renowned as a pre-eminent international award in packaging.

“Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of how Sealed Air is approaching the future, so we’re especially honoured by this recognition” said Karl Deily, President of Food Care at Sealed Air. “This multi-country win showcases how our solutions can help solve problems like food waste and food safety, and at the same time help our customers reduce their own impact to the environment.”

This year, Sealed Air received an unprecedented four international WorldStar awards for delivering a diverse range of solutions to respond to some of the food industry’s most pressing challenges. Recognising the role of Sealed Air’s packaging innovations in reducing food waste, Cryovac® Freshness Plus® active packaging also received the “Packaging that Saves Food” award.

The award-winning solutions are:

• Fresh Technologies Ltd and Sealed Air Cryovac Freshness Plus Active Packaging (New Zealand)

Sealed Air Cryovac Freshness Plus active packaging has enabled avocado producers to extend product shelf life of fresh avocado to 90 days and reduce product spoilage by 7.2 tons annually. This extended shelf life supports wider product distribution and the 3 percent global growth in avocado consumption.

• Sealed Air Cryovac® Technology (CT) Shrink Films (Germany)

Sealed Air Cryovac CT series of films provide a radical new technological capability within the packaging industry. With up to 50 microlayers, it provides enhanced performance compared to significantly thicker conventional films. There’s 30 to 50 percent less raw material and energy consumption, which provides increased efficiency in use and enhanced sustainability.

• Cryovac® Simple Steps® packaging (Singapore)

Cryovac Simple Steps packaging gives consumers’ confidence by preserving food quality and keeping food stationary in the tray. Vacuum-sealed technology ensures that the meal’s flavors and ingredients are captured at their freshest. Steam heating and self-venting technologies provide convenience to consumers through no prep, easy-open package with stay-cool handles. With less overall packaging, the food is ready in a cook-in tray and portioned to make it easy to prepare just the right amount of food and avoid food waste.

• Cryovac® Sealappeal® PSF ZAL (Spain)

Cryovac Sealappeal PSF ZAL is a peelable shrink film with a unique sealing layer. It has been designed for tray lidding or thermoforming applications for ready-to-eat products. By making it easier to open the product, this film also addresses the number one frustration consumers face with food packaging. The low-temperature sealing window (110°C) delivers consistent peelability, sealing strength and tearing free, while reducing energy consumption during production cycles.

At an associated ceremony, Sealed Air’s CogniPRO® Link solution won the 2018 Packaging & Processing Innovation & Design Award (PIDA) in Australia for Sustainable Packaging and Processing. CogniPRO Link solution enables meat processors to effectively address key performance areas including uptime efficiency, throughput efficiency and total cost of ownership. CogniPRO Link solution is a remote monitoring and digital analysis platform designed to identify inefficiencies in production packing facilities and deliver real time, actionable solutions.

This year’s innovations were also showcased May 2 and 3, alongside the WorldStar Awards ceremony at the Australian Institute of Packaging Conference in Queensland, Australian Showroom.

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