The company’s long-standing technical expertise and investments in the development of new innovative products and sustainable packaging solutions are paying off. The latest innovations from the Sappi Guard product line were presented to trade visitors at interpack 2017, where they attracted a great deal of interest.

Sappi’s paper-based packaging solution with an integrated barrier against mineral oil is intended for both outer and inner packaging. Its original application was dry foodstuffs such as pasta, rice, cereals, pudding powder, tea, and much more; and that remains the case today. What’s more, thanks to good heat-sealing properties, these recyclable packaging materials also represent an alternative to PE packaging which offers good sealing properties but does not have any mineral oil barrier.

Sappi has jointly developed another exciting paper-based packaging solution in collaboration with the Belgian chocolate producer Delafaille. This solution has grease and mineral oil barriers and also prevents the ingress of oxygen and water vapour, and is being used with the company’s luxury Amusette chocolate brand. The brand needed a paper type that could be used with no additional foil lamination or adhesive, minimising the production costs involved.

As part of the world’s largest packaging trade fair, Sappi also presented initial results of the recently announced cooperation agreement between Sappi and Felix Schoeller. The two companies have developed a paper-based, sealable packaging solution with high-barrier properties against water vapour, oxygen and grease.

At Interpack 2017, Sappi was also presented with the international WorldStar Packaging Award for foodstuffs. This award for Sappi’s Guard papers follows hot on the heels of its receipt of the 2016 German Packaging Award in the "New Materials" category.

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