The company will present its new Sanner BioBase® effervescent tablet packaging for the first time at Pharmapack 2020

Sanner says that the new product is the first effervescent tablet packaging that consists of more than 90 percent bio-based material. The biopolymers used consist of various renewable raw materials such as corn, sugar cane or cellulose, which are converted into "green" ethanol.

A major advantage of bio-based plastic packaging, the company argues, is its essential independence from fossil raw material deposits and its reduced CO2 footprint. And, from a chemical point of view, BioBase® is reportedly almost identical to PE and PP from fossil raw materials.

"Sanner BioBase® can be recycled, increases resource efficiency and makes it easier for us to achieve our climate targets," says Ursula Hahn, Head of Product Management at Sanner.

“Another important argument for customers and consumers is the extended shelf life of the tablets thanks to higher H2O barrier properties. In terms of handling, Sanner BioBase® offers consumers a high-quality feel and appearance,” continues Hahn.