Kazan Danaflex, one of the largest Russian players in the flexible packaging segment, has purchased an HP Indigo 20000. The acquisition marks an important milestone in the development of the Russian flexible packaging market., calling attention to the "digital future" that already has long been a sought-after and making it a reality on the domestic label market.

The installation of the HP Indigo 20000 at Danaflex’s facility is planned for June, with an estimated output volume at tens of thousands of tones and an unbeatable print quality.  

“The HP Indigo 20000 will serve as an indispensable tool for the marketers of our numerous customers,” said Aidar Galiullin, general director at Danaflex. “It delivers instant preparation of a design for printing, release of trial batches of packaging of any complexity throughout the day, efficient preparation and implementation of unique advertising campaigns based on digital personalisation and customisation tools. Therefore, we are in particular very interested in using the mass personalisation technology of HP Indigo SmartStream Mosaic, with the help of which a whole series of very interesting and extremely effective marketing campaigns have been implemented in Europe and the world. No less important for us is the market of small-circulation labels with twist and circular effects. The market’s share in our turnover is still small (about 2-3%), but, with the help of the HP Indigo 20000 press, it could increase by dozens of times.”