The reliable labelling of pallets is not only vital for smooth operations in many industries, such as transport, logistics and shipping companies, but is sometimes even a legal requirement.

It is important for other processes that the labels are firmly affixed in the correct position so that they are easy to read and cause no mistakes or delays in dispatch. In order to avoid time-consuming manual individual labelling and to optimize processes, 

HERMA have now enhanced their robot-assisted Print & Apply System for this application. “There are usually specific labelling requirements for load carriers in warehouse logistics. For example, pallets for intralogistics must be clearly and permanently labelled so that downstream processes, such as shipping and load securing can be carried out efficiently. Our enhanced Print & Apply System ensures the fast, accurate and highly flexible application of labels on two sides of the pallets”, states Philipp Ott, Area Sales Manager Labelling Machines at HERMA GmbH.

Double-sided labelling of stationary palletsThe UR 3 6-axis collaborative industrial robot from Universal Robots (UR) takes over the automatic double-sided labelling of stationary pallets on a packaging line. An SEW Eurodrive driverless transport system transports the filled pallets to the respective station on the packaging line. Horizontal and vertical strapping is then applied to the pallets that are optionally shrink-wrapped beforehand. The tape ends are then welded with a special ultrasonic sealing technology. The labelling process can now be started.

Well-proven standard componentsIn addition to the collaborative industrial robot, the new HERMA solution is made up of very reliable and well-proven standard components from the HERMA modular system. These include winders and unwinders as well as a high-quality thermal transfer printer, such as the ZEBRA ZE500-6. A print resolution of up to 300 dpi ensures maximum legibility of the print image. “We are definitely just at the beginning of a development where the relatively easy to use collaborative robot can significantly increase the efficiency of a packaging or labelling line”, summarizes Martin Kühl, Head of the HERMA Labelling Machines Division.