Sustainability means acting responsibly towards the environment. Robatech focuses on green adhesive application solutions to enable efficient use, reduce waste and to help preserve natural resources. 

With Robatechs AntiSlip Gluing solution for pallet stabilization, a hot melt adhesive application directly onto the packaging units is ensuring a stable pallet. With this method also the need of wrapping it with plastic foil and intermediate layerpads is reduced significantly. Hence, resources can be saved, and costs reduced.   

The traditional method of pallet stabilization requires layerpads and many layers of foil for stabilization and dust protection. This pallet wrapping is one of the largest components of a waste stream and costs money to be taken away and landfilled. That is not only a waste of money but a huge environmental damage. Robatech, as a technology leader for green adhesive application solutions, is providing a solution to eliminate such waste without compromising stability during transport and storage. Pallet stabilization with AntiSlip Gluing is combining existing processes and methods in adhesive dispensing making it possible to drastically reduce the need to intensively wrap each pallet.  Less is more  Looking for a solution to transport goods on pallets, it’s likely to rely on layerpads and stretch wrap to keep them secure, protect them from dust and moisture and get them to the customer in exactly the same condition as they left the premises. But often, when the foil is removed, the individual packaging units may lose their stability or become damaged.  

With the AntiSlip Gluing solution lines or spirals of hot melt adhesive are applied directly onto the packaging units, ensuring that the units stick together reliably. Few layers of foil are required, for e.g., dust protection. A safe and stable transport and storage is guaranteed as no shifting or slipping is occurring due to the bonding. In addition, a simple depalletizing with little waste is possible. So, the solution is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-efficient. The system can simply be integrated into the production process or retrofitted.   Double benefit Robatech is pushing this solution within the packaging industry intensively, because with only a small and easy effort a double benefit can be achieved. “Due to our green philosophy we think it is very important and our responsibility to widely implement this method, leaving a better environment for the next generation”, Hanspeter Huber, Industry Manager Packaging at Robatech explains. Less material means less waste and the bonding assures a very stable pallet, which reduces the risk of damaged goods due to falling, when the pallet is unwrapped all contributing to saving costs. 

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