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Event Overview


Since its foundation a decade ago, Trinseo has maintained sustainability as a core value which is deeply embedded within the company and its employees are truly passionate about improving our world by addressing complex materials challenges and delivering products that are intrinsic to daily life.

In this 45-minute webinar you will get a brief overview about Trinseo’s sustainability journey and its recently published Sustainability Goals 2030 from Walter van het Hof, Global Industry Affairs & Sustainability Leader at Trinseo.

After the introduction, Julien Renvoise, Global Circularity Manager Plastics at Trinseo, will highlight why polystyrene is quite a unique material and a preferred choice for packaging applications. He will then address a couple of misperceptions that polystyrene is linked to. Julien Renvoise will continue in this webinar by explaining why the polystyrene industry joined forces and created Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS) and how engaging with the entire value chain is further unlocking the full potential of polystyrene.

Towards the end of the presentation he will focus on the different recycling technologies for polystyrene, the mechanical recycling, dissolution and depolymerization and explain where Trinseo stands with concrete projects on PS recycling in Europe.

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Learning Objectives

  • Hear about Trinseo’s Sustainability Journey including its recently published Sustainability Goals for 2030
  • Learn how Trinseo is unlocking the full potential of polystyrene to contribute to the EU targets to have at least 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics in packaging products by 2025
  • Discover how Trinseo is engaging with the entire value chain to close the loop on polystyrene recycling and where the company stands today with various recycling technology projects.

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Meet your Speakers and Host


Walter van het Hof
Global Industry Affairs & Sustainability Leader

Walter van het Hof takes the lead in Trinseo’s journey to drive corporate sustainability, developing new products, processes and ways of thinking to improve not only Trinseo’s environmental impact but also health, safety and social responsibility. His work encompasses not just material inputs and outputs, but also embedding a corporate culture that is entirely focused on sustainability. As Trinseo’s representative in a wide range of industry associations, Walter van het Hof engages with corporate leaders along the entire value chain, aiming to move together towards a more sustainable future. To this end, Trinseo has launched initiatives focusing on supplier responsibility, ensuring most of its major suppliers meet a set of sustainability criteria by 2030.

Julien Renvoise
Global Circularity Manager Plastics

Julien Renvoisé coordinates the development and implementation of a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing strategy for Trinseo’s circular plastics business, including Styrenics (Polystyrene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Styrene-Acrylonitrile) and Polycarbonate. Under his leadership, Trinseo’s Sustainability Business Management team collaborates closely with the Plastics customer base to ensure the business continues to deliver the most innovative plastics solutions. He is dedicated to working with Trinseo and the wider value chain to close the loop on Polystyrene recycling. This means developing more sustainable processes for Polystyrene production that align with recycling processes. He continues to act as an advocate for Polystyrene in the packaging industry, positively influencing key decision makers within retailers and brand owners on their view of Polystyrene as a sustainable and recyclable plastic.

Victoria Hattersley
Senior Writer

Victoria Hattersley, Senior Writer at Packaging Europe, is a highly experienced journalist and editor with a broad knowledge of packaging, sustainability and branding.