Two-thirds of consumers support carbon labelling on products, according to a new survey of over 10,000 consumers across France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US.

The 2020 YouGov survey, commissioned by the Carbon Trust, apparently confirms a continued high level of consumer support for carbon labelling. Interestingly, the survey results showed the same level of support (67%), across all geographies compared to the 2019 data.

The perceived brand benefit of sharing information with consumers on the carbon footprint of products was also consistent with previous results. Two-thirds (64%) of consumers in all countries surveyed said they are more likely to think positively about a brand that could demonstrate it had lowered the carbon footprint of its products.

France, Italy and Spain are the countries with the highest levels of support for the use of recognisable labels on products where their carbon footprint has been measured and companies are making reduction efforts, with 80%, 82% and 79% of consumers respectively saying it’s a good idea. In Spain, 56% of consumers “strongly agreed” that carbon labelling for products is a good idea.

Sweden has seen the highest increase in support for labelling compared to previous years, though interest in labelling remains relatively modest when compared to France, Italy and Spain.

Hugh Jones, Director, Advisory, the Carbon Trust, commented:

“This research aligns with the growth in corporate demand for product carbon footprinting and labelling that we have witnessed over the past year. We know that companies have much to gain by quantifying the carbon footprints of their products and services, a process that gives insight into where they can create efficiencies.

“The sustained and high levels of consumer support for carbon labelling suggests that passing this information on to increasingly well-informed and climate-conscious consumers can also enhance a company’s reputation and market share.”