There have so far been no general standards, rules or guidelines for assessing the print quality of primary sales packaging made of plastic. A norm or standard may provide assistance in this case.

Acting under the umbrella of IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen (German Association for Plastics Packaging and Films), experts from IK member companies together with the association took the initiative to draft an extensive document: “Assessment of the print quality of primary sales packaging made of plastic films and film composites”. 

This draft document then formed the basis for the development of a DIN SPEC1 (DIN specification), which has now been published according to the PAS (public available specification) procedure.

The aims of the project are not just to reduce subjective factors and to objectivise printing errors that occur, but also to improve mutual trust among business partners. This can result in equal conditions of competition with regard to print quality for all players involved. This DIN SPEC can be used asan applicable document covering quality agreements or specifications.

“We are delighted that the extensive preparatory technical work carried out by our group of experts has now resulted in a DIN SPEC,” says Dr Fang Luan, Head of Consumer Affairs and Quality Management at IK. “At the same time, 1 * A DIN SPEC is a consortium standard developed by a circle of individuals in small, agile working groups (so-called consortia) within only a few months and with no obligation to reach a consensus. DIN ensures that a DIN SPEC does not conflict with any existing norms and standards. The specifications can also be published internationally and may also be used as the basis for a DIN standard. It is the very first DIN SPEC covering the area of packaging. It is a great success for the dedicated collaboration within our association.”

DIN SPEC (PAS) 6124 “Assessment of the print quality of primary sales packaging made of plastic films and film composites” is now being published with issue date August 2019 and can be downloaded free of charge here

IK is planning to issue an English translation of this DIN SPEC. The English version is expected to be available in autumn 2019.