Tray sealing specialist Proseal has extended its product portfolio with the launch of a high-speed, fully automatic case packing system.

The new solution complements Proseal’s range of tray sealing machines and aims to offer customers a complete primary and transit packing solution. The company says that its new case packer combines efficient power consumption and a compact footprint with the ability to fill cases at up to 120 packs per minute.

Proseal’s proven ProMotion tray infeed system maximises throughput by using following motion and buffering technology to effectively control the flow of trays, enabling them to feed continuously in the case packer without stopping. 

The machine can reportedly handle a wide variety of pack formats, including trays, pots, and sandwich packs, in materials such as A-PET, C-PET, and board. Auto tool technology apparently enables fast and easy format changes, while Quick Release (QR) conveyors allow removal and replacement to speed up and simplify cleaning and maintenance.


According to the company, the new case packer features the same high levels of construction and durability as its market-leading tray sealers and incorporates many of their advanced features.

These include the ProTect user login and audit trail security system, which provides different levels of authorisation access for individual personnel, and full compatibility with the ProVision OEE and downtime analyser that delivers a real-time view of machine performance.

Options include additional crate fill and increased length of buffering conveyor for higher speeds. Crate delivery and discharge conveyors can be bespoke designed to individual factory layouts and the CP3 can be fully integrated with complementary equipment such as case erectors, existing create delivery systems, labellers, and coders.

“All the qualities that have made our tray sealing machines so successful have been maintained within our new Proseal CP3,” comments Nick Severn, control systems engineer at Proseal. “For food manufacturers, it provides the perfect complement to help ensure fast and efficient onward delivery to meet the strict deadlines of the retail sector.”