When it comes to label printing, reflecting the latest design trend “printing in white” isn’t always easy or affordable for businesses. Typically, white-only label printing has always been delivered by external print houses using lengthy print processes and costly printing presses. 

This process requires that labels are ordered in large volumes to keep the label costs down, resulting in excess label stock often sitting in a warehouse and eventually being discarded when no longer needed. 

OKI says that its Pro1050 is the first compact digital LED label printer that can produce labels in a combination of CMYK and/or white. Using clear and coloured media for effect, there are countless applications for printing creative designs in white.

The OKI Pro1050 is based on LED technology. Similar to laser printers it uses a dry toner electrophotographic process to develop the image on a light sensitive drum which is transferred by electrostatic charge via an image transfer belt and fused by heat to the media. This technology produces labels that are waterproof and UV resistant.In comparison to traditional laser printers, where the image is created by a rotating laser beam, the OKI Pro1050 uses static LED lines which means lower maintenance and longer lifetime cycles. Print engines with LED technology require less space as there are no rotating parts or optics necessary, making the printer smaller, environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

The choice of label material is crucialFor printing white only or white with colour on transparent or coloured labels customers can choose either from standard materials or the wide selection of DTM certified Genuine Label Stock for dry toner: starting with matte and glossy papers extending to transparent, matte and glossy polyester films as well as special coatings such as textured or silver, gold, black and other coloured materials. 

White printing on clear synthetic media allows the product to show through the label. This is suitable for specialty foods, drinks and cosmetics, allowing the customer to see more of the product enticing them to purchase. 

DTM Print, international OEM and solution provider for specialty printing systems, has added the OKI Pro1050 to its product portfolio making it available through its distribution channels in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the CEE region.