In this edition of the Spotlight, monta details the benefits of its tear-resistant, printable PVC adhesive tapes, applied with natural rubber adhesive and said to ensure strong, secure sealing in transit.

Adhesive packaging tape is a small but crucial component of the overall packaging, both in terms of quantity and cost. However, negative consequences may result if this “little thing” is not suited for the intended application: the goods arrive damaged, the carton is opened, the customer complains, and the first impression suffers! The resulting time investment and cost are out of proportion.

Tapes you can rely on!

High-performance PVC adhesive tapes are extremely tear-resistant, directly printable, and provide a permanently reliable carton seal thanks to their natural rubber adhesive! PVC adhesive tapes, even when printed, are pleasantly quiet to unroll and easy and hassle-free to apply, due to their low elongation.


They are ideal even for heavy loads and demanding conditions, such as in the eCommerce sector, where shipping large or valuable goods using recycled cardboard boxes or cartons with high restoring forces are daily business.

PVC tapes ensure a reliable carton seal even with long-distance shipping, whether by sea, air, or road, where they are exposed to continuous vibration, high humidity, and large temperature fluctuations, making them the perfect choice for freight-forwarding and removal companies.


Material-saving and sustainable

Thanks to the strong PVC backing and the natural rubber adhesive, which penetrates deep into the cardboard fiber rather than just wetting the surface, a single-layer application of the adhesive tape is (almost) always sufficient! The low material usage reduces waste while also saving money and time.

In addition, as several well-known cardboard recyclers have confirmed, monta PVC tapes can be disposed of with the cardboard via the cardboard recycling stream without causing any problems.

The raw materials used in monta‘s PVC adhesive tapes are also more environmentally friendly than you might think: the PVC film is free from heavy metals and plasticizers and compliant with Reach and RoHS. This backing material, unlike many other types of film, consists of, simply put, only 43% oil; around 57% is salt. What’s more, the film is made in the EU, and the natural rubber adhesive is made from about 50% renewable raw materials, based on dry weight.


Convincing first impression!

PVC adhesive tapes impress with their high-quality, vivid print image. This ensures that your goods arrive to the customers neatly packaged while communicating your brand message with a premium appearance.

At the same time, you remain flexible and can quickly change your marketing message or information texts at any time.

monta PVC adhesive tapes, which are manufactured in Germany, are available in a variety of film thicknesses, adhesive formulations, and colours.

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