A recent partnership agreement between TLM Laser and LasX Industries has expanded the laser technology portfolio, which the Bromsgrove based company has available for the flexible packaging sector within the UK and Ireland. TLM Laser is now able to offer PrimeVent™ technology, which provides multiple controlled release applications for flexible packaging.  

PrimeVent™ technology is available in a number of guises including, PrimeVent™ Steamable, targeted at increasing the value and convenience of microwave packaging and PrimeVent™ Degassing, a patent pending concept designed to vent the CO2 gases produced by roasted coffee.

We are all familiar with the concept of preparing our microwaveable meal by puncturing the packaging film with a fork or knife, before placing the meal in the microwave. Whilst this does allow steam to escape, the random nature of this approach will never deliver consistent or controlled steam release. By comparison, PrimeVent™ Steamable not only guarantees a hermetically sealed, leak free package prior to cooking, but also offers a reliable, safe and affordable steam release and cook in the bag mechanism. The concept uses a precise laser scored pattern or shape that allows for controlled release of steam pressure and temperature while cooking, and is designed to consistently and flawlessly release steam from the package.

PrimeVent™ Steamable gives food manufacturers the flexibility to integrate a product specific vent system that allows vapour to be released at the optimum rate for the food that is being cooked in the microwave. Using PrimeVent™  Steamable, the days of manually piercing the packaging are gone, as simply peeling back a cover on the packaging film exposes the vent.

Locking in Aroma and Locking Out Air

The PrimeVentTM Degassing Valve features a combination of laser processing and a small pressure-sensitive valve to automatically release CO2 gases from a sealed package.

This patent pending invention offers unmatched simplicity, performance and quality in providing a pre-applied and affordable one-way degassing solution. 

The innovative PrimeVentTM Degassing Valve can be used in foil-based laminated packaging film as well as a wide variety of other packaging materials. Whilst traditional de-gassing valves tend to be somewhat bulky and moulded from plastic, often making them awkward to apply in the manufacturing process, the thin and flexible PrimeVentTM Degassing Valve is provided on a reel, which makes for simple application, in much the same way that labels are applied to packaging film.

The PrimeVent™ Degassing Valve has been extensively tested in controlling the release of CO2 gases produced by roasted coffee, with impressive results. The tests have proven that the valve significantly outperforms the current expensive type of moulded valves by reliably releasing the CO2 gas produced by roasted coffee whilst preventing O2 from entering the package minimising oxidation of the coffee during its shelf life and also preventing moisture build up. Using this innovative technology will simplify production processes resulting in both reduced costs and reduced packaging inventory. The PrimeVent™ Degassing solution can be used in multiple applications including coffee, garlic, figs and more.

The laser technologies used for these innovative packaging concepts are part of the  range of LasX laser processing systems which TLM Laser now have as part of their portfolio. These systems are able to cut, score and perforate a wide range of flexible packaging materials for applications across “Breathable Packaging” and “Easy Open” applications.