The evocative atmosphere of the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan provided the backdrop for the 2017 Oscar della Stampa (the 'Printing Oscars') award ceremony, with over 300 business leaders and representatives of the main strands of the printing industry in attendance. 

This prestigious annual award, now in its 25th year, shines the spotlight on the leading companies in the sector, with 11 Oscars awarded in various categories representing the full panorama of the printing world, bringing together offset and digital printing with flexography and rotogravure, not to mention converting and packaging. And the expert jury, picked by the Stratego Group, which organises the event, awarded the Industry 4.0 Printer of the Year 2017 Oscar to Pixartprinting. The concepts of Industry 4.0, extremely relevant today, have formed the basis for the  European leader in online printing's development since the very beginning. 

"We were one of the first companies to offer online printing services, and our aim was always to optimise processes to ensure quality at ever more competitive prices" commented Federico Gonzalez, Marketing & Sales Director at Pixartprinting, who was called on stage to collect the prize.

Pixartprinting has its own in-house team of engineers and developers, and they have designed exclusive management software that is constantly evolving and being updated. This effectively forms the backbone of the company: the software processes all information and allows each step in every order placed to be monitored in real-time, from the quoting stage through to invoicing. Furthermore, the software automatically determines the printing technology that will be used for each project, assigning the most economically efficient option. The automatic management of all the pre-press stages speeds up processes, reduces start-up times, avoids materials waste and reduces manufacturing costs, all to the benefit of customers.

The automation of various processes, which began when Pixartprinting was in its infancy, has made a major contribution to the company's impressive growth, which continues today in part thanks to important factors such as the quick and easy service, high quality standards and extremely competitive prices. Already, 600,000 customers trust Pixartprinting with their work, and the company aims to continue to expand its portfolio and reach the one million mark by the end of 2018. "In recent years, we gave rise to new markets, and we are confident we will create a few more in the near future, as is happening now with labels and packaging", Gonzalez explained. What makes the company successful is its ability to identify sectors with potential for expansion and to create dedicated production lines, as seen this year with packaging, where once again the focus was on latest-generation technology, including the digital HP Indigo 30000 system for short print runs, Komori LED H-UV for long runs and the Scodix digital coating system. This investment confirms the company's penchant for innovation and its preference for cutting-edge equipment, which for customers translate into a vast range of models, available in small or large quantities with various customisation options and delivery in as little as 48 hours.