Oatly, a producer of oat-based food products, has partnered with Stanpac on its new sustainable ice cream packaging.

Oatly has chosen a paperboard cup, Sentinel, combined with an innovative renewable coating derived from sugarcane. Stanpac’s paperboard supplier Evergreen Packaging introduced Sentinel earlier this year. The partnership argues that its “Fully Renewable Ice Cream Board” is a first of its kind, eco-friendly paper-based packaging.

The companies say that Sentinel™ is manufactured from renewable resources, paper derived from trees from forests where responsible forest management practices are used, and the coating on the board is sugarcane-based polyethylene, reportedly making the board fully renewable.

“We were so glad to learn that Evergreen and Stanpac are committed to furthering their own sustainable offerings and that they came to Oatly as a partner to get those options into the world,” said Oatly US General Manager Mike Messersmith. “As a company committed to developing new food options for sustainably-minded consumers, it’s great to have packaging partners equally committed to lowering their footprints.”