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The nomination period for Packaging Europe’s 2023 Readers’ Award has ended, the finalists have been selected, and now it’s time for you to choose the winner!

To take part, simply look at the information below on each of the finalists, then vote for the one that impresses you the most on the form below that.

The winner of the Readers’ Award will be announced LIVE at our Sustainability Awards 2023 ceremony.



Scotch Cushion Lock Protective Wrap by 3M is a paper alternative to plastic cushion wrap. It is an expanding paper wrap that offers nested protection to immobilise packaged items while on the move.

Our readers said: 

”An expanding paper wrap cushion that can be moulded around a product to create protective buffering for multiple applications in e-commerce.”


After five years of development, Kellogg’s has launched a new 100% paper (excluding lid) Pringles packaging to replace the previous steel base. These new paper tubes can now be disposed of with paper and cardboard for recycling.

Our readers said:

“This packaging was one of the worst to enable recycling as it had several components. The new pack this year in Belgium fixes that.”


Lidl, in partnership with Algramo, is offering in-store automated refill stations for liquid laundry detergents in smart HDPE bottles as part of a six-month trial.

Our readers said: 

”It is bringing refill to the mainstream customer. Not a high-end ‘eco-conscious’ brand but a basic own-brand label like Formil means refill is accessible to a far wider section of the market. I appreciate the simplicity of their solution, the way it fits nicely on the shelf next to traditional products and I also appreciate their public communication efforts which have made it understandable to a customer not generally motivated by sustainability.”


Procter & Gamble recently transitioned its Lenor Unstoppables wash scent booster to a moisture-resistant, fibre-based pack. 

Our readers said: 

”Very innovative solution enabling transition to paper-based packaging, while also delivering greatly enhanced consumer experience.”