Twinplast 19.06.24

Corrugated polypropylene solutions provider Twinplast has launched a new foldable pallet box, which it claims costs around 85% less than the traditional plastic equivalent.

The box comprises of three durable components which are supplied flat-packed. The company says the material is “robust and impact-resistant” and weighs significantly less than like-for-like plastic container. The container is apparently a long-life solution designed to be reusable and recyclable. 

Twinplast states that its foldable box saves on volumetric weight, supporting efficiency in transport and logistics and aiming to allow companies to adjust their packaging strategies and use lighter materials without compromising product protection. 

Tim Steer, commercial director at Twinplast, said: “Having worked with various companies to deliver similar bespoke products for their storage and distribution needs, it became clear that there is enormous demand for pallet boxes that are far more cost-effective and far easier to transport than typical plastic solutions. We can supply bulk orders and fast lead times for this standardised product – many large companies and organisations will be able to make massive savings in their day-to-day operational costs.” 

In February this year, Baumer hhs announced its new application system that sprays an anti-slip hot melt adhesive onto transport and shipping boxes to secure them in transit – a move set to reduce plastic film consumption and packaging waste. The solution is thought to be especially beneficial for in-house transports, said to negate the need for any pallet wrap in many cases. 

In the same month, the company also announced that CONE PAL would be utilizing its production equipment to help manufacture pallets made from corrugated cardboard – a move thought to minimize cost, energy consumption, and waste. The machinery features adhesive application units in the automated leg erector, which fold and glue die-cut, corrugated blanks to form the legs of the pallet. 

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