FM Vision 27.06.24

Italy’s FM Vision has created a system that loads rows of vials or bottles in cases, with picking heads that will adjust automatically to the number and the spacing of containers.

In the Full Palletising System (FPS), two robot arms operate in a highly space-restricted layout, which posed challenges in terms of engineering and programming, says the company. The system can be applied to bottles or vials in the pharmaceutical or beverage industries. 

One of two robots inserts rows of containers into reusable crates or cases, while the second supplies empty crates for filling and places completed ones on the output pallet. FM Vision says the specially designed crate-gripper is symmetrical and force-controlled to ensure a secure grip on both full and empty crates, stacking them where appropriate.  

There is a dedicated feeding system for empty crates, and the entire cell can be managed by a single operator. With an input accumulation table for vials or bottles, the complete system measures 3m x 4m. A vision system inspects each filled crate. If an anomaly or defect is detected, the robot automatically places the affected product in the reject area. 

Vacuum cups fitted on to telescopic pistons integrated into the gripper allow the robot to complete the palletizing process by placing a lid on each crate. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags on the reusable crates are said to allow for the serialization and aggregation of the contents of each crate and pallet. 

The gripper on the robot arm handling bottles or vials will automatically adjust to suit the number of containers being picked and the spacing between containers. FM Vision is an Omron Solution Partner and is represented in the UK by Packmatech

In similar news, Baumer hhs has developed an anti-slip hot melt adhesive to secure palletized transport and shipping boxes in transit – a move set to reduce plastic film consumption and packaging waste. The solution is said to be especially beneficial for in-house transports, negating the need for pallet wrap in many cases. 

Videojet has launched its new 9560 PL pallet labelling system, aiming to streamline operations and reduce errors. Apparently, the system can cover up to three sides of a pallet, apply up to four labels, and process up to 120 pallets per hour across various applications. 

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