Smurfit Kappa has collaborated with the UK recipe box company, Mindful Chef, on recyclable corrugated cardboard insulation packs that reportedly offer a 30% lower carbon footprint than the previous insulation solution.

Mindful Chef says it has seen a significant increase in demand for its home-delivered recipe boxes, which it attributes to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company claims to have been carbon neutral since 2020 and, as part of its commitment to enhancing the sustainability of its operations, sought to replace its previous insulation pouches that incorporated ice packs that are not easily recyclable.

Smurfit Kappa’s Experience Centre in Yate developed an alternative that is apparently 100% recyclable: corrugated cardboard insulation packs in a snug, two-piece telescopic design. The company says that the new solution maintains the required temperatures over an extended period while providing a 30% reduction in carbon footprint compared to the previous packs.

In addition, the new packaging solution was tested at Smurfit Kappa’s International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) certified laboratory in Northampton to demonstrate that it could meet the requirements for fresh food transportation. During testing, the new insulation packs reportedly kept the ingredients under 8oC for over 30 hours in ambient conditions.

Eddie Fellows, CEO of Smurfit Kappa UK & Ireland, comments: “We were delighted to partner with Mindful Chef on this exciting project which resulted in improved product protection and an eye-catching packaging solution that is better for the planet.

“So many customers are looking for tailored eCommerce solutions that meet the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging. The teams at our Experience Centre and ISTA lab were able to create something special for Mindful Chef that meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance alongside enhancing the brand.”

David Waller, buying manager at Mindful Chef, adds: “Working in close collaboration with Smurfit Kappa has helped us in achieving our goal of becoming even more sustainable.

“Our new insulation packs are perfect for keeping our food fresh during transportation. This helps to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations which in turn ensures an excellent experience when they receive their orders.”